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Now go into the house and find Katie upstairs. Buy new weapons and armor, use the sword station, heal up and go explore the rest of Riven Forest.

Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy iPad iPhone Android Mac & PC Game

Remember to explore the whole city, including the city walls. Fight the wyvern across the bridge to the west to get to the last flame. Give the kitten to Jenna and talk to Dana again. Just fight it, exit the map, re-enter and fight it again until you have enough money. The way on is via the right waterfall.

Then leave through the yellow portal and exit the well. There are many great goodies there, make sure to get them all.

Now you have to herd the slimes into the enclosures by walking behind them in the direction you want them to go. Put Shard in the Sword Station. She will tell you that her wedding ring was stolen. Get the latest games, special offers, and more! Watch the scene with Mel, who meets a couple of new friends who will join her party.

You now need to go back to Shadow Aveyond and talk to the Oracle again. Find the Oracle in Aveyond, who will tell you that you need to find the Stone of Aya. Then go straight east to reach Aveyond. General gameplay for The Darkthrop Prophecy is identical to the previous Orbs of Magic chapters, so for general information on fighting, buying and selling etc. The Darkthrop Prophecy, cyberfoot 2007 a fun Strategy game!

Now make your way to the temple to talk to the Oracle. Heal up, buy new armor and weapons, and go back into the park surrounding Underfall. The mirror can be found in Dreamland. You need to find a cure for him.

Go back to the gem dealer. Leave the house and go to the gem dealer. Watch the final scenes, making sure to watch all the way to the end to get some interesting info about Nox and Uma!

Aveyond 3-4 The Darkthrop Prophecy

You will need a rope to find it, so they give you one. At the end, the mysterious cloaked stranger will appear again and open a hidden door. For the penultimate battle, Jemite keeps reviving Mel as long as she is alive, but she is only susceptible to spells.

Aveyond The Darkthrop Prophecy iPad iPhone Android Mac & PC Game

Mel and Edward arrive in Veldarah. An underling, Yemite, will join you, as you need to go and find Mel in Underfall, which can be entered through a cave under a temple on the Northern Isle. You need to find the star that goes onto the pedestal. The next day, once again report to Professor Yavara. When you try to enter the cave, Jemite will catch up with you and join your party.

Always Sometimes Monsters Review. She will tell you there is a golden arrow in a temple north of Riven Forest.

This game will not work on your operating system. Talk to him and Lady Anara. This is quite a difficult fight at this stage of the game. Whichever queen you choose, they will both turn their sister into dirt.

Now go back to the King in Sedona. The squirrels will leave so you can loot the chest in their hideout and get a pipe, which you will need later.

Aveyond 3-4 The Darkthrop Prophecy

Fly the dragon to the island east of Sedona and dismount. Put the third mask in between them to open another door. Give the fan to Lillian and she will leave the house so you can open the chest.

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The apothecary will fix you a cure if you bring him a wyrd vegetable. Interact with the miniature house to take it and bring it back to Helga.

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Follow the path around, ignore the exit to the northwest for now and make your way southwest. Note that the entrance is at the top of the house. Then go back to the academy, where all hell has broken loose. Help Edward fight two monsters in the courtyard.

The Darkthrop Prophecy walkthrough on Gamezebo. Instead, follow the path southeast. In the house south of the entrance to Mysten Far is a priestess who lost her truth mirror. There are goodies and a sword station to the north, but the way on is south. You will get the Cave Key as a reward.

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This quest is continued under the Find a Mask quest below. You will see the squirrels blow up a rock and disappear again. Then go through the door at the end and into the cave at the top. Bring it back to the queens for a reward.