Blouse Cutting In Telugu

Across back means Back shoulder to shoulder measurement. How do you draft for this case please suggest. After stitching the button straps it is important to shape them near the neck cut crossly along the shape of the katora piece or else one would end up in an odd shaped neck not a fitting neck. Sewing Machine TroubleShooting Guide. Hi Keerthi, do you have any video clips on how to sew this blouse.

Blouse cutting with measurements in telugu

Here is the tutorial for the Saree Blouse. It is very useful to know stitching. Observe and logically stitch to get correctly. Click here to see all recipes in Pictures.

Latest blouse cutting and stitching in Telugu

Hi Keerthi please the measurements are given inches or cm. Click here to see more details. If required do similarly for sleeves also. For bias strips always cut the cloth diagonally as the cloth stretches to the maximum extent in such pieces.

Im totally new to this n i want to learn. Coriander Chutney - Dhokla Chutney. Your email address will not be published. Hi what changes do we need to make if the front and back neck is very deep?

So it is better to hold the cloth in the said manner and stitch the dart. Any body can come home and teach me. It can be worn for different occasions, in different ways to give you a different look each time.

We need to place the paper cutting on the cloth in such a way that cloth stretches chest wise. Can you suggest cutting pattern with measurements. Where as in reality the full bust is not where the arm syce ends. If dart is stitched the other way roundwe do get the shape and good fitting alsobut when worn the dart appears shifted slightly side wards. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This coincides with the end of arm syce. Now I want to refresh the stitching knowledge and also would like to learn some new skills. As the neck is round in shape, to stitch piping on curved portions, use bias strips cut as mentioned. If you too have a recipe to share, click here to submit.

This tutorial is very good. We need to join three pieces Lower part, Katora and Front side to get one part of the front side of blouse. Madam, very useful tutorial. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

So best would be old calendar. Separate parts by removing all stitches carefully. Take care while stitching the dart of lower partstitch holding the cloth as mentioned to get the perfect shape. Our Earlier discussions on the Blog. If not how much we have to leave.

As these portions are curved, latest version of dreamweaver for windows 7 it may appear shrunk when stretched and stitched. Similarly take care while stitching the waist bands also.

Saree Blouse Tutorial

However, if a deeper neck is cut for the back piece and the length of the blouse is reduced then there is a chance. Removing creases is very important to get the exact paper cuttings of the pieces. Similarly while joining the katora and lower part to the front side piece stretch and stitch.

Latest blouse cutting and stitching in Telugu

Till my marriage excepting for a blouse all my garments and my brothers pants and shirts too were stitched by my parents my mother stitched with logical inputs from my father. Also because of the newsprint on news paper it would be difficult to mark darts compared to the big pictures on calendar.

Click here to see our G uest Recipes. Also i m totally dependant into my masterji but i m promiseing my self to start my learning again for better way. God Bless you and your family for all that you do.

Is it possible to do so by following the steps you have said about on your website? Run the marking wheel on the dart pattern made with chalk on the cloth and it would appear on the reverse side of the other piecethen mark it with chalk. Also while stitching observe and stitch the darts or else it would go wrong. If the cloth appears shrunk on the stitched length, then on the reverse side make small cuts throughout the length not till the end so that cloth stretches and gives a nice finish on the right side.

The sari is the most elegant and beautiful wear. Hi mam, is the measurements includes seeming allowance also.

Latest blouse cutting and stitching in Telugu

Full blouse cutting in telugu

Full blouse cutting in telugu

Take care and cut the sleeve also observing the stretchable side of the cloth. Can you suggest cutting procedures with measures. Here also we need to reverse the pieces and stitch. It is not mandatory that all should use one metre cloth for stitching a blouse. It is beneficial to use an old glossy calendar for paper cuttings.

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For my blouses I generally prefer not so deeper necks and also the length of my blouse is more when compared in general. If the sleeve is cut on the non-stretchable side it would not stretch and one would feel uncomfortable when blouse is worn. If cloth is cut on the non-stretchable side there would be problem in the fitting of the blouse. Chart paper is not as thick as calendar and hence while cutting there would be come problem.