Bobcat 773 Service Manual

Rear tires usually wear faster than front tires. Tighten the steering linkage mounting bolts to ft.

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Bobcat 773 service manual

Bobcat 773 Manual

Bobcat 773 service manual

Drain the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Levers must be fully down and locked. Stop engine and allow the muffler to cool before cleaning the spark chamber. The levers and wedges must move freely.

If fluid enters skin or eyes, get immediate medical attention from a physician familiar with this injury. Carefully read the message that follows. Always clean the machine, disconnect the battery, and disconnect the wiring from the controllers before welding. Bob-Tach wedges and linkages must function correctly and be in good condition. Reverse the removal procedure to install the lock valve.

Make sure the jackstands do not touch the tires. Connect the remote start tool. Start the engine and push the Press to Operate button. Make sure all connections are tight.

Manual stays open when you put it down. Replace manual spool cartridge.

Diesel fuel or hydraulic fluid under pressure can penetrate skin or eyes, causing serious injury or death. Lubricate all O-rings and seals with hydraulic oil during installation. For eye contact flush well and get immediate medical attention. Exhaust fumes contain odorless, invisible gases which can kill without warning.

Failure to use care around combustibles can cause explosion or fire which can result in injury or death. Always use new O-rings and seals when assembling the hydraulic pump. Start the engine and run for about ten seconds while a second person, wearing safety glasses, holds a piece of wood over the outlet of the muffler.

Use commercial nonflammable solvents. Figure Mark each valve section, spool and related parts so that they will be returned to its original valve section during assembly. If this machine is operated on flammable forest, brush or grass covered land, it must be equipped with a spark arrestor attached to the exhaust system and maintained in working order. Stop the loader on a level surface. Reverse the removal procedure to assemble the pump.

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The pedal linkage is not adjusted correctly. If the correct pressure can not be reached, replace the main relief valve. Inspect the hydraulic fittings on the valve block for damage and replace if necessary. Use a plug and cap on the filter hose and case drain hose to prevent leakage.

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Bobcat Manual

Check the rubber boots and retainers. To prevent damage to the loaders hydrostatic system, the loader must be towed only a short distance at slow speed.

Step-by-step instruction, diagrams, and schematics shows how to easily troubleshoot and fix your bobcat machine. Verify plug condition and only replace with Bobcat approved plug from Bobcat parts. The Bobcat loader is base-equipped with a standard operator cab as shown. We can have your manual comb bound, but if you use your own binder, removing pages for electrical schematics, aran waistcoat knitting patterns to etc is much easier.

Remember the hose routing for ease of control valve installation. Lift and block the rear of the loader. Fluid leaks under pressure may not be visible. The course is available in English and Spanish versions.

Check for damage and leaks. If acid contacts body, flush well with water. Be careful, do not break the tap.

Drain the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir. Tighten the mounting bolts to in. Mark each valve section, spool and related parts so that they will be returned to their original valve section during assembly. Tighten or replace any parts that show leakage. The five digit Production Sequence Number identifies the order which the loader is produced.

Raise the lift arms if required by the procedure and install an approved lift arm support device. The lock block must be clean and oil free. If the relief pressure is not correct, stop the engine and adjust the main relief valve.

Never work on loader with lift arms up unless lift arms are held by an approved lift arm support device. Removal and Installation Start the engine. Using a damaged lift arm support or with missing parts can cause lift arms to drop causing injury or death. Start the engine and let it run for several minutes. The electrical system, if damaged or incorrectly maintained, can be a source of arcs or sparks.

Bobcat 773 service manual

Failure to obey warnings can cause an explosion or fire. Cleaning The Cooling System.

Checking And Adding Fluid. Make sure tires clear the floor and any obstacles. Use a new O-ring when installing the hydraulic pump.

Bobcat 773 Manual