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The whole piece is in excellent condition, it has the odd pin head size ding here and there, but on the whole a great vintage piece. At the end of October the division moved to Beirut until the end of the war. It has no damage, we were dating now she wants to be friends just some wear cause by use. This one is a great gap filler to a collection or a super example if collecting on a budget.

Comes in good but dirty condition, the new owner can decide whether to polish it up or not. Original American civil war period black leather ammunition pouch. All this rust could be cleaned off to leave a very nice sword.

It comes in excellent original condition with a good even tone. Along with the medal come two original photographs of Derek in uniform with his pals and what is believed to be his cap badge. The obverse has crossed flags divided by a trident on which hangs a shield showing the date of the battle.

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The Mons bar looks like a replacement, but an old one and it has been on the star for a very long time. It shows nice detail and has metal barrel, trigger and guard, lock and butt plate. Comes in very good condition for its age, it has been folded and well stored. In comes in lovely condition with no damage or loss to the enamels. The medal itself is in very good order, just wear to the high points.

This gave the British military its first taste of jungle warfare and only just over British took part, the rest of the force was made up from Indian Sepoys and the Royal Navy. Both badges are in very good original condition. It is all here apart from one small screw.

It has a gold dial set onto a sail shaped piece of beech wood. Really, my pictures don't do justice to this lovely piece. Apart from the above information, no detailed research has been done on this man. McDonald of the Royal Engineers.

It measures two inches in diameter. It stands on a sturdy foot made up of acanthus leaves and it still retains its original clear glass liner.

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It is what it is, a very nice old and inexpensive piece for display. This piece is in good condition with one fine hairline crack from the rim, this is not really visible from the front.

Thomas Callighan was born, lived and enlisted in Dundee Scotland. Miniature Hand Built Wooden Ship. It comes in good condition but there is some wear to the surface of the badge, losing some of the detail to the high points.

What is nice, is it still retains its original stopper, this is also made from carved cow horn, and a leather strap to carry the flask. Comes in good sharp condition. This revolver is an obsolete calibre, so no worry about certificates etc. The goal was to build a formidable Nazi sports body to which all German sports associations would be submitted. It comes in good working condition and the inlay is also in perfect order.

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Private Bird survived the war, a lucky one amongst very heavy casualties the battalion took on the western front. British and Foreign Sailors Society was instrumental in the program of events for the Nelson Centennial. Terms and conditions apply. This man probably went on to serve in the second world war, so a possible great research project.

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The blade has some very light pitting, which is old and now looks more like light staining. This is covered with brown linin and has a organisation badge printed to the front. The magazine comes in good but used condition.

Due to their destructive power, they themselves were an important target to be destroyed by enemy fire and they were often targeted by bomber aircraft. Proof of age required on purchase.

What is believed to be his original Royal Artillery brass cap badge and shoulder badges. There a few dings and dents to the body, but no splits.

Mid Victorian Prattware plate showing the coloured printed classical scene to the centre, surrounded by a pink ground border with a printed gilt border to the rim. Either way, a lovely retro piece. The naming has also been erased but there is still a ghosting which can be seen. Looks like a fairly modern used mould for old black powder guns.

It has a walnut checkered grip with a small silver cartouche on the back and ornate curves to the trigger guard. This one comes in excellent original condition and with a nice even tone all over. The medal is in very good condition. The ribbons are scruffy and the medals, although in good condition, have contact marks to the rim.

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This beautiful piece is in very good condition and comes fitted with a safety chain, would fit a slim to medium wrist. It is a lovely slightly twisted shape and it is a very attractive bi-colour. It is in very good condition, slight wear to the surface, but these were in circulation for a long time, so most are often very worn. This one is made of old Pewter in the shape of a wise old owl with glass eyes. The inside still has the fabric compartments for the shells, there is wear here, some of the fabric has worn through, due to use.

It has suffered some wear to the surface and both lugs on the back have been replaced. This is not a perfect specimen but a perfect one would fetch a considerably higher price, as these plates are quite rare, worn on the last Shako issued to the British army. This one comes in super condition and has not been postally used. It also fully cocks and dry firers. An interesting display item, or a practical tin waiting to be used once again.

It comes in very good condition, one very small flake on the enamel bottom left, it measures approx. The whole piece is in lovely condition, the only wear to the plate is on the top of the handle, you can just see the base metal coming through, in this case, brass.

It is the typical three-part construction, a silver frame with a magnetic iron core. It comes in excellent condition and on its original ribbon, a very attractive medal on the obverse side showing the weapons used by the French at that time.

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