Current Therapy In Equine Reproduction

Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction Juan C. Samper

Ginther is renowned for having performed much of the modern day research into mare reproductive function, with particular emphasis on hormonal issues and ultrasound. Authors are from academia, clinical practice, and industry. When successful, there is a large degree of satisfaction for client and vet in the end result of a healthy foal. One of the editors used a unique approach in chapters he has co-authored with others. Although these things can happen, most times they don't!

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Description Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction provides practicing veterinarians with a concise and up-to-date source of information regarding the equine reproductive process. If however the reader is searching for an excellent, well produced and well illustrated book on current techniques and advanced theories in equine reproduction, this book is a wealth of information! Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction. This book captures the clinical experience, so far, and applies it directly to equine practice. Presented in a highly portable spiral-bound format, 3d games windows 7 Equine Reproductive Procedures is a practical resource for daily use in equine practice.

Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction

Being written by an author with these credentials behind him, I feel that this book has the potential to dispell many of the myths surrounding stallions and their management for breeding. Postpartutient Abnormalities show more.

Sanders Veterinary involvement in equine reproduction can vary markedly depending on the breeding practices employed. You will also gain a better understanding of foaling problems such as maternal and fetal dystocia. The second edition of this book has grown dramatically to two volumes with pages and is not a disappointment! Coverage of the stallion includes reproductive problems and advanced reproductive techniques.

Coverage of the mare includes the reproductive system, normal and abnormal physiology, and reproductive problems. This book contains much useful information for the more advanced reproductive technician or veterinarian.

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Although not necessarily relevant to the average clinician, the added information is useful from a comparative viewpoint. Because it is a multi-authored text, some topics are dealt with in more than one chapter. Each contributor writes in their own style, but throughout the book there is a very good reference to allow the reader to easily locate articles for further reading. Chemical restraint is another item that is discussed in more than one chapter, and the reader will benefit from the different recommendations and clinical experiences.

Again, new foal owners be warned, most of the problems detailed don't happen often! Other books in this series. Your compounding pharmacy for reproductive needs! Has excellent illustrations and images of normal and abnormal reproductive structures of both the mare and the stallion. Illustrated with graphic photos, it is an interesting book that is of much technical value.

There are many pictures and illustrations, and charts listing valuable information such as suitable intra-uterine drug therapies. Live-action footage of a foaling and explanations of natural breeding and artificial insemination also are included in the exceptional program.

We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Phillip Sponenberg, Bonnie V. The text itself is comprehensive and easily readable. Safe, affordable breeding stocks!

There are numerous black-and-white illustrations, and a few tables and references are listed at the end of each chapter. Support Center Support Center.

The pictures are restricted to black and white only. Delivery and care of the foal are shown in vivid detail. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Even with this in mind, it can still be a useful resource to have on the library shelf, although others may be more reliable. Giffin This title holds promise, but we have not yet had the opportunity to review it.

Current Therapy in Equine ReproductionCurrent Therapy in Equine Reproduction (Current Veterinary Therapy)Equine Reproduction Books

It also discusses advanced reproductive techniques in the mare such as assisted fertilization techniques and embryo transfer. On a minor note, the scale is missing in some ultrasonograms, and in one table there is some confusion with respect to Celsius-Fahrenheit conversion. Large parts of original publications or Web sites have been included, marked by italicization and a slightly narrower column. This has allowed detailed information to be included that might otherwise have been difficult to incorporate in such a text.

These duplications are a strength of the book because they broaden its scope. There is next to no stone left unturned, making this book a very valuable resource for the serious breeder! If you are that serious breeder, a veterinarian working in the equine reproductive field, or a veterinary student interested in equine reproduction, you need this book! By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction Juan C. Samper

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