Dating a really dumb girl, why do smart beautiful women settle for dumber guys

For example, if they crash your car, you will be the one paying for it. The women I have asked have such careers as doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, etc. Keep this in mind when you're with a brainless boy toy.

9 Reasons Dumb Guys Make The Best Husbands (Really )

They don't have the common sense to see how much a smart girl can offer until the girl's already moved on. Every woman I know well is fed up with being on the receiving end of male rambling. Lots of women are tired of having men lecture at them about whatever.

We confiscated the phone from him. Upon meeting a lovely woman, is your first instinct to say something profound about a giant novel you just read? Mansplaining is still, at best, tiring. Amazingly, this guy was both drunk and serious, and was also trying to book us a room. After all, intelligent men are inherently superior, right?

6 Types Of Guys That Only Dumb Girls Go For

Even if it's only once in a while, you do want to talk about things like technology, books and art with your partner. You'll always have a hilarious story that's a direct result of something he says or does. Guys who aren't particularly bright are easier to read, which in turn makes it easier for you to hash things out.

Why You Should Pick The Dumb Girl Over The Smart One

He was sober the entire time. It just seems more novel when the gender roles are switched up. All nerds nurse crushes on cheerleaders. My point is these women are not stupid.

6 Types Of Guys That Only Dumb Girls Go For

Get that stuff locked down. Also, a main genre of dude conversation is the hours-long exchange of minutiae and trivia. It's hard not to laugh when I look back and think of the ex I had who told me that my eyes were as green as lemons.

So we get the unhelpful impulse to brandish it at random. Or the one about the private equity fund genius who dates a slew of European models. It's very hard to stay attracted to someone you have to play mommy to, and even harder if you need to regularly nag him just so he will function as an adult. If you add large quantities of alcohol to the mix, the stories become even more hilarious.

Admittedly, there are certain topics I will never understand. On a similar note, parents might not approve of the guy you date because his lack of intelligence can ruin his ability to keep a job. After all, compare that to your friendly gym-rat type of guy. It only takes one epic fail to make you want to ditch a dumb guy.

Personally, I'd take a good-hearted but naive man over a bitter yet intelligent person. Be warm and genuine first, and verbose later. You will most likely run out of conversation topics. After he realized that lemons weren't green, he decided to tell me that they were as green as roses, because it was more romantic. It's really difficult to date long term when you can't have intelligent conversations.

Why Do Beautiful Smart Women Date Stupid Guys - AskMen

Many guys who aren't intelligent are also very emotionally immature, which means that they won't be able to work on their insecurities without hurting you to make themselves feel better. In certain circles, this can ruin your chances of making friends, networking, or even getting respect for your own work. Instead, ask her some questions about herself.

Why Do Smart Beautiful Women Settle For Dumber Guys

You might not like it, though. An insecure idiot can quickly turn into an abusive one. Do they get a sense of power out of it or is it a lark? Truthfully, I felt pretty awesome walking down the street with them, especially when I saw looks of envy from other women.

And this is incorrect, for two reasons. If they put tinfoil in your microwave, you're going to be the one dealing with a fire in the kitchen. They can get insecure and there's no guarantee that they can manage their insecurities well. Instead of judging, observe.

Dating a really dumb girl
Dating a very dumb girl reddit
  1. Sadly, this is part of the whole package in most cases.
  2. Men want to impress women.
  3. They might be gorgeous, but people will start raising their eyebrows when your beau actually says something.

The best part about this is that you don't even have to date a dumb guy to get in on half of these epic drinking stories. Did you ever wonder why so many smart girls end up with dumb guys? Believe it or not, dating a lot of dopey guys can offer a girl a great life together.

Why You Should Pick The Dumb Girl Over The Smart One

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  • Why would a woman want to date some dumb jock when she could date a guy who quotes Proust and understands the motion of molecules?
  • But the one thing most of them can't be is a good partner for someone who doesn't want to be a babysitter all day long.
  • If you like to introduce people to new things, this is a good option.

9 Reasons Dumb Guys Make The Best Husbands (Really )

Do you speak english there dumb questions americans asked

As long as they have a big heart, are willing to work on themselves, and have some emotional intelligence, they can be the boyfriend you've always wanted to have. They can get that on their own. Just like with any other personality trait, blood there are perks and pitfalls to being with someone who isn't quite as bright as you. Why are women attracted to such unintelligent men?

The Dating Nerd is a shadowy figure whose whereabouts and identifying details remain unknown. Think you could use some dating help, too? So what the hell is going on with this current dating trend?

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Why Do Beautiful Smart Women Date Stupid Guys
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Call me shallow, but I really did enjoy how gorgeous they were. When all you get in return is a blank stare, it can get really old, really fast. What we do know is that he is really, really good at dating. Please shine some light on it for me, because I refuse to dumb myself down for any person.

The women, however are intelligent. In fact, you will likely feel like his mom at times. Increasingly, women spend long workdays absorbing avalanches of data and issuing complicated recommendations.

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