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The use of several different types of embroidery stitches Queen, cross, long, and chain indicates Phebe was a talented needleworker. The sampler is with another family member and the photos they are giving are not very good. Can the color be restored for future generations to enjoy? Based primarily on the difference in condition, the more valuable of the two samplers is Phebe's. Do you notice this in your samplers, or was this only done under a teacher?

Do you know of any accounts e. We walk a fine line between sharing the collection while protecting the integrity of the individual pieces.

Antique and Vintage Samplers

Another feature that can increase the value is finding another sampler or samplers that match making it part of a group of samplers or a family unit. Document the verse, as well as the pertinent family history, and mount that information in a clear sleeve to the back of the frame.

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Thread - you do find more wool in Scottish samplers than in other areas but this alone is not a good indicator. If the linen is very fine, almost gauze-like, there is a good chance it will disintegrate if unframed. Perhaps the lecture addressed specific samplers, rather than samplers from Williamsburg as a whole.

Mary's work has some of the earlier patterns but she may have introduced the two prominent lower patterns. Other things such as real buildings, real places and current events such as Tom Thumb on our Catherine Lydgit sampler. We are often asked how we do our research, and truly, we are not rocket scientists. Patterns to some are available through the Essamplaire.

Probably mostly from Pennsylvania. We are getting numerous questions about valuing samplers and have decided it would be good to cover some pointers to help. It is clear that her teacher was not too particular with the resulting colors as she allowed them to be left in place. Can you tell me what the missing words are?

Antique samplers buy and sell

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As in any field, prices vary widely and are dictated primarily by sales of similar pieces, condition, and appeal. How do I get a value on this?

What is a teaching sampler? Scholarly identification of the maker not just smoke and mirror guessing will always add to the value. We usually start with a simple internet search of a portion of the verse placed in quotes.

Know Your Antiques is a regular feature that offers insight into the world of decorative and fine arts. When exhibiting at antiques shows, skoletasker online dating we observe visitors to our booth studying needleworks and reading their tags. Offered here are two brief comparisons that we hope will serve as a beginning guide to the types of things one should consider when collecting antique needlework. Are American samplers more valuable than European samplers?

Is there a way to determine if the sampler will hold together if it is taken out of the frame? Also, are there any novels which mention samplers? Some are obviously familiar with the subjects and others appear perplexed. Yes, they are more rare than Nine Partners. They continued throughout the century and were evidently favored by Mary Askew, teaching in Delaware in the s.

All four examples presented here are very fine samplers, but there are aspects that differentiate them in regards to valuation. You are welcome to try it. Betty Ring mentions that at the time, there were only about a dozen known examples. We often take pictures of the various accessories that accompany our pieces - handwritten notes or newspapers stuffed into frame are a great source of amusement. Many samplers with real problems will end up at an auction, waiting for an inexperienced collector.

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The silk remains lustrous. By all means take it out of the frame and check it out. First and foremost is the use of familial initials.

In addition to all the things we said in an earlier question about evaluating sampler we would like to add several points, in no particular order. The quote is faded to barely readable. If you know and trust a dealer you can ask them if they would be willing to give you an estimated value.

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On the other side a mediocre sampler could be up at a very well attended auction and go for a high price. Although the Higbee sampler would appeal to both sampler and folk art collectors, the condition somewhat diminishes the value. They have much more at stake than an auction house as they will continue to sell samplers and want to have long term relationships with collectors.

We checked with one of our favorite experts on this subject! The frame appears to be original, which is highly desirable and unusual for such an early sampler. No single element alone will suffice, you must have a combination of certain features. Deborah Hicks Mundal, is also listed.

Overall Assessment The early date is a strong point in terms of its rarity and, hence, value. We struggle with Pinterest because the images are so prolific and often copied, trodding the heck out of all types of ownership and copyright legalities.