Dating someone who sells drugs, the good the bad and the ugly of dating a drug addict

  1. He tried to make up for all the time lost but I still hated him for putting us through hell for all those years.
  2. He treats me with much respect and always puts me first.
  3. Dealing I mean, not heroin.
  4. But my girl only smokes weed and I never pressure her to do any of my hard product or get her hooked and even if I did try she would turn it down.
  5. He treats me like a queen and keeps his business separate from family life.


  • Are you a drug dealer with points of your own to make?
  • He does get jealous but he gets over it cause he knows he was over reacting.
  • Surprising fact to me was when i went to his place and his family was strict and religious, the mum and dad so oblivious to the whole thing of his sons life.
  • When he got jammed up by a hoe druggie I was crushed.
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It is a very odd relationship but works for us. He rarely if ever uses credit cards, and you have heard him say on more than one occasion how he prefers to use cash. Not to mention the cheating and nastiness! Knowing myself and my past found out she was dealing.

Being in a Relationship With Someone in Recovery - The Recovery Village

Dating in itself is already stressful. You take a lot of chances dating a hustler. If you're a fan of space, inconsistent talking and independence, dating an addict will bring out your worst. And what if someone tries to rob me? Hands down the best way to turn someone off selling weed is to let them know that they're going to have to deal with the tedious ramblings of stoners.

He is in a tight nit group of people who he does business with. He expresses his distrust of banks, financial institutions, or government organizations. My ex-heroin dealer and I had a strong relationship.

5 Pieces Of Advice For Being In A Relationship With Someone In Recovery

We all know men like to solve problems presented by their ladies. You are so right mine started mentally abusing me. But the thrill in our relationship was gone, and I guess we both subconsciously figured that trafficking thousands of dollars worth of skunk might give it the recharge it needed.

The Light Side of Dark

They always seem to ring at the worst time! The lying, 33 year old woman dating cheating and drama never stops. Selling weed seems like an easy pay-day.

End users are selfish and impulsive, not to mention inconsiderate. You already trust each other. Addicts fall off the wagon sometimes. It's incredibly true, especially among addicts.

Should I get my own name tattooed on my forearm so people know I'm hard? If your sick leave starts to go up you need to consider you have a problem. He never ever made me feel like that before. But they are not friends to the person presuming to date the dd.

This may not be the best mindset in which to conduct a relationship. Women arnt attracted to a hard head drug lord. He made me very aware of what I was getting into as well. My biggest fear, it consuming him and me getting into trouble, guilty by association. Addicts will need you as much, if not more, than you need them, and it's nice to know you're their source of happiness.

Aside from being a hustler he wast very abusive and controlling. Add in a drug-ridden past or present into the mix, and the relationship is not only stressful, hook up app new york but also very unpredictable. Turns out in the end it was all for that. All the phone calls and the lying to your family.

When I first met him he told me he is a weed dealer but only small amount of weed. He was always secretive I never knew his real name and age. And who has to deal with all that bullshit?

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Dating A Drug Addict
Dating someone who sells drugs

10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer

My boyfriend was being framed for an incident before he got out of the streets and was acting super weird, turns out he was contemplating fleeing and staging a fight with me. Yes yes it is an experience and an education. Instead of walking on eggshells in a relationship, dating you can approach it confidently since you know the relationship will probably survive. Not every stoner has a PhD from the University of Wikipedia and a semi-working knowledge of what the large hadron collider does. They also tend to be major douches towards their girls to.

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Although I admit again that these relationships have a few special cases that fuelled my interest in the whole Affair. But as he and I, and anyone who has delt, knows that dealing involves adopting some corrupt morals and rules to live by. Also my boyfriend has temper problems, used to be dangerous and now settled down.

Right at the top is never say no to a sale. Make sure you stay in touch regularly with people outside of this world. It takes away the glamorous notions about dealing when you realise your main customer base are absolute fannies you would never normally speak to. You have both made questionable choices or have done hurtful things at some point, so there is a mutual understanding that mistakes happen, and they don't mark the end of the world.

But it changed me and i will never be the same again. One Monday morning I threw on the jacket I'd been wearing over the weekend and headed to a local courthouse to sit in on a trafficking case. If only he could see it the way I do! He would start treating me like shit and everytime we spent time together he would get shit for it and threats would even be made towards me because of it.

Just seen the light of day

However, there's nothing glamorous about selling weed or going out with someone who sells weed, unless your definition of glamorous is watching your boyfriend look at his iPhone a lot. He only sells pot, which I am luckily okay with. To recovering or present addicts, drugs are no. When trying to come or stay off drugs, they often switch vices. It's hard to believe they could save money when the thought of buying drugs is always lurking in the back of their minds.

So then trust issues begin to start. He dont spoil me unless I want to try a new drug. This is so far the absolute truth from time to time I reread it to make me feel better yes the constant phone ringing. Drug dealers are clever an like to wrap you around there finger. Now given, free 100 he is a hard worker with now a real tax paying job.

Dating someone who sells drugs

Everything I Learned From Dating a Weed Dealer - VICE

10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Dating A Drug Addict

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