Digimon Battle Spirit 2

Digimon Shoot is like a cross between air-hockey and billiards. You should take special care not to get hit by your opponent's Ancient attack, especially on the harder settings. Note that this means not every detail was available to me, as to any player in my position.

The game is a versus battle game, where one of the Human Spirit Digimon fights the other. Once all of the Human Spirit Digimon are defeated, the player must then defeat Cherubimon. Battle your way through many spectacular stages in this Digimon race against the clock! At least he's the sole heir of the float ability, multilex dictionary reserved on the original Battle Spirit for Terriermon and Lopmon.

Find out how else you can support emuparadise. It should not appear on any fan-ran websites other than those listed below. The plat- forms are large pieces of debris, colored a pinkish violet.

Only in the most ideal conditions should you attack Kerpymon in this phase, like being able to Digivolve and land an effective finishing blow. Then you can pick off the survivors.

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Digimon Battle Spirit 2 FAQ/Move List

This game will soon be featured as our Retro Game of the Day! How do I get more characters.

Digimon Battle Spirit 2 (U)(Rising Sun) ROM GBA ROMs

Features a cast of Digimon from the television series! These shouldn't be too confusing, but I've included a key anyway. Have a question for this game, find the answers or ask your question. Rings of fractal code spin around them towards the center.

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As long as you keep off of the ground, you'll probably be fine. Anyway, the ice here will make it even harder to stop and turn when running. However, the risks sometimes overweigh the perks, especially if you're playing as someone slow and you can't dodge the bolts right after attacking. Kerpymon can be attacked in this phase as well, though I should warn you against doing so.

The other four locations marked on the map are your safe spots for this phase. The round starts with your turn. As I've mentioned in my other guide, it's not the actual effect that's bad, it's the transition into and out of it which is so devestating. As I mentioned before, just avoiding the stormcloud is the safe route, though it takes longer for the phase to end and you don't get that energy bar bonus. This form grants them different, more powerful attacks for a limited time.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For those of you who actually want to do real battling, just try not to get caught too close to Lobomon. Press A, press your character against the wall, and press A again.

Other than that, just do your thing and use commmon sense. And the Gotsumon, who appear out of nowhere, certainly don't help the tight situation. For one thing, Beetlemon is as slow as molasses. My only advice is to block often. Moving Trailmon in the far back.

The stormcloud will patrol back and forth. Uploaded by Bhushan Report.

Despite freezing the opponent temporarily, all his attacks are sub-par. His running attack is my favorite to use, but his second special attack is just as strong. Select one and press A to hear it. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The sky is a deep sea blue, and it is lighter near the horizon.

This basically makes it impossible for you to dodge attacks quickly, especially when it wears off right away and your controls and mixed back. Yellow diamonds are released during particularly strong attacks, and after attaining five of those, the player can transform into their Ancient form for a powerful, cinematic attack. The game is low res all the way.

You play as a character with a certain set of moves and attributes, and you face a similar opponent in battle. This time, you can use ancient spirits to digivolve into ancient. Note that you will still be in your Human Spirit form, except with sparks above your head. The other two instances will take you to the Score Ranking high scores and the Versus Record.

You can see large green trees to left. Consider this as your shield, the only thing protecting you from Kerpymon. Thank you for your nomination. Too high, in fact, for a mere game guide writer like me to keep track of while trying to play the game at the same time. Attack, Black Hole, and Stormcloud.

Do this by holding down both buttons until the attack launches by itself. The long-term replay value is quite limited, with the exception of the expensive two-player option.

Flattened clouds populate this sky, around an enlarged sun. When Kerpymon summons his storm- cloud, his enlarged eyes will appear in the black, glowing an evil yellow gleam. Does not work when you're on the ground. However, you're usually not given enough time to go to these corners. Instead of touching Calumon to Digivolve, you need to charge up the Digivolution bar near the timer on your screen.

Gee, this brings back memories. You have two options during this phase. Just walk back and forth, but stay low. During the story mode, the character can face Kerpymon after fighting through all their allies.

Digimon - Battle Spirit 2

Digimon Battle Spirit 2 (U)(Rising Sun) ROM GBA ROMs

My email is aniki at hotmail dot com. Pardon my uncreativity with the field name. In fact, all but the boss battle ends when the timer runs out. If you see it coming, you can just jump over it. Winning or losing this encounter has no bearing on the actual game progression itself, and only serves to award more points.

This Slide Digivolution from Human to Beast spirit is not as spectacularly potent as the Ancient Warrior attack, but it is much more easy to obtain. It will also charge up your energy bar pretty fast.