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Drawn Dark Flight

If you change your mind about the settings you chose, click on Restore Default. Notice the symbols that appear on the right side of the page when lightning strikes it.

Begin placing pieces that you can tell where they belong, or that may have something drawn on them. The story of Drawn Dark Flight Collectors Edition revolves around a princess who has been held by an evil king. Dark Flight Walkthrough by. After escaping a tower of darkness, natur sounds Iris hides from a cruel tyrant in the pages of a magical book. Dark Flight walkthrough on Gamezebo.

The book hovers around the upper part of the scene so catch it when it is not moving too much. Click on a coconut to load it into the cannon. Click on a Frog to have him eat a fly and the ring of Flies will rotate clockwise. Click Forward white arrow.

Click on a full frog to make it spit out a fly. Click on below button to start free download of Full Setup. Once you eliminate the sharks successfully, an outline of a sail will appear. Need to find the missing and hidden objects.

The advice really helps if stuck. Get the latest games, special offers, and more!

Rotate the rings until they form the image shown in the screenshot F. Secure Form Forgot your password?

If you like less traditional hidden object games and more adventure games, then you will love this game. You can also download Mystery of Mortlake Mansion which is another gripping puzzle game.

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Drawn Dark Flight Collector s Edition Download Free

Click on the rope in the upper right to change the backdrop A. Yellow and red create orange.

Great puzzles and story line. Kite Boy A puppet made of wood that loves to fly his kite on the steps of the library in the center of the Kingdom. Click down twice and go forward. Turn the needle counterclockwise to X which is the number in between W and S. Like Gamezebo on Facebook.

The hummingbird will merge onto the stained glass window revealing the Gardener. Open the ear gates D and E to drain the colors out of the puzzle. Use the number wheel on the right side of the wall and the Roman numerals on the left side of the wall to solve the puzzle. Hint system is helpful without revealing too much at once The graphics, sound and voices are all superb. Inventory items H are stored in the bottom tray.

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Drawn - Dark Flight Platinum Edition

Place the symbols you found on the right book according to the Roman numerals on the page. Click on the symbols to catch them just above the book and send them to the Left side, where they will float upwards. Great follow up to the first game. Having to go backwards and forwards so many times I got lost quite a bit. Click on the scene to close and open the curtain.

Click on the pillars until they form the image shown in the screenshot F. Click on a frog to make it eat the frog in front of it. They get progressively informative as you click on him. Only someone with the power of imagination can unravel the mysteries of the three beacons, and save a future queen that will bring hope back to a people! But this one is updated and this issue has been fixed.

Drawn Dark Flight Walkthrough

Otherwise I enjoyed this game and found the story interesting. Check out our video solution! Click on the red, blue, yellow and green quadrants to rotate the symbols so the ones from the scroll light up in the circle at the bottom.

Click everywhere and on everything. We use cookies on this site including to improve its functionality and to record how you use our site. Click on the Book, on the Pedestal purple and collect the Stone Symbol red. Click Back twice, Down once and Forward once. Turn left into the marionette stage.

Open and close the gates to so the colors can flow through them or so the colors can stay locked into a particular area. Open the book on the pedestal. The game has got some very imposing graphics and the world around you is depicted in colorful painting. Turn the needle clockwise to V.

King A man that arrived on the back of a massive dragon and destroyed the kingdom and the ruling family except for Iris. About This Game Iris has escaped from the Tower but she still needs your help! Opening the Gates in the Ears blue will drain all the color from the areas that connect to them from open Gates. Blue, Red, Green and Orange. Very interesting game, but I had to use hints for every move.