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All the atheist can do is proclaim that we live in a random, purposeless and meaningless universe where crap just happens. Maybe we could talk about it on the phone a much more appropriate medium to do this than the internet if you are willing to share e-mail details via Bill?

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What kind of choice is that? Answering your questions fully would require a lot more words and time than what I have available right now.

It is times like this that the sheer emptiness and ugliness of militant atheism becomes so apparent. Just the complexity and size of the universe is so very mind-blowing, and the way it is presented here really makes one appreciate the grandeur and wonder of our creator God. Why are we so susceptible to a vast array of diseases and genetic mistakes? Eventually I came to doubt the existence of God.

It is so incredibly massive that seven quadrillion earths could fit inside it. Mostly good, but occasionally he gets carried away.

Just what would you be telling these poor folk in China or Burma right now Steve? If this is truly all there is, then I have no reason nor do you to believe that the chemical reactions in your brain are coming up with the truth and that mine are not.

It seems to have a wide following, and is hopefully making an impact. Yet what does Darwinism and atheism have to offer? Just how will your atheism and goo-to-you evolution help these people in any way whatsoever? How would you explain the concept of an intelligent and loving God to the victims of the recent cyclone in Burma, or the devastating earthquake in China? The Fall makes no sense when it is used to justify the suffering of innocents.

There is something inconsistent going on here. Dear Steve, Answering your questions fully would require a lot more words and time than what I have available right now. When you do stand before your maker and judge, every last bit of arrogance and cheap excuses will melt away in an instant.

It shows the creative mind of God, and just how truly great and mighty He is. Satin has greater knowledge of God than we can know in our worldly understanding. Many have recommended books, written by some of the great minds of all times, soniye dil nahi lagda tere bina remix whether scientists or academics or philosophers or world class scholars or even former atheists.

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You have nothing to tell the Burmese or Chinese right now. But you have been on this site for long enough to know that surely your arguments have to be a bit deeper than the obvious platitudes.

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As a part of the Passion movement, Giglio also founded sixstepsrecords, a record company that works in partnership with Sparrow Records and is a subsidiary of Passion Conferences. As Giglio puts it, the star breather has become the sin bearer. Louis Giglio is truely amazing!

Briefly, I had a typical Christian upbringing, went to church, read the scriptures, even considered ministry at one point. It reminds me of a story about the Christian and the Athiest watching a working model of our Solar System at a science museum. He may just be reading too much into things here.

Have a question about this product? Are you ready for that day Steve, or are you more interested in pretending to know it all? When he stretches his nail-scarred hands to you on that day, all you protestations will look like so much foolishness. And we need to be reminded of how remarkable it is that we are made in the image of this awesome God. That is a milestone, so well done for being the winner of the big prize.

Make everything perfect, it sounds like. But now I can see a bit more where you are coming from. It amazes me that some people choose to believe that the Universe came into existence of its own volition, without any architect, creator supreme intelligence or guiding hand. Every one of these cells has all three billion bits of our genetic code.

Therefore, he made them with the ability to either choose to obey him, or to reject him. Why do so many parts of the body fail us once we have passed our reproductive years? Moreover, just what are you atheists doing about these tragedies?

Indeed, this is a unique presentation. All I can do is continue to pray for you.

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How Great Is Our God 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science

Louie and Shelley make their home in Atlanta, Georgia. However, around that time, during a flight from Texas to Georgia, Louie was inspired to start a national gathering of college students, which would later become Passion Conferences. We talked to the guy behind it all, Louie Giglio, a former campus pastor with a heart on fire for God.

What words of comfort and help can you give these people? It is a good combination indeed. We all just happen to be here in this cosmic accident, with no purpose or meaning or hope or any sense to it all. The truth is, there are thousands of top rate Christian scholars, theologians, and biblical scholars who can vouch for the reliability of the biblical texts and the evidence for God and Jesus Christ. The two bear witness to each other, and give us a picture of an amazing God, and of us, the crown of his creation.

How Great Is Our God 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and ScienceLouie-giglio