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Mobile canteens in bangalore dating, mobile Indira Canteens have an edge

Indira Canteens have good patronage, but the mobile ones appear to be faring better than the others. According to data available with The Hindu, the mobile Indira Canteens serve nearly plates on an average per day more than the average among all Indira Canteens.

Jayaprakash, for instance, ate lunch on the inaugural day. The scheme clearly specifies the quantity of different parts of the meal.

Mobile Indira Canteens have an edge

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The mobile canteens are more popular due to their proximity to areas with huge footfalls, such as bus stands, railway stations, Namma Metro stations, factories and industries. Often when it rains, what episode of bones does booth and brennan start dating the mobile canteens are forced to shut down.

Ten days after their much-publicised launch, YourStory decided to go around town to check out these canteens and their food and gauge the response of the people. Pegged at a budget of Rs crore, as announced in the state budget, the original plan for Indira Canteens mandated the presence of one kitchen per constituency. The required infrastructure is ready, he added. The chief minister gives a statement that the government is providing meals at subsidised rates.

Its mandatory to gms of rice, gms of sambar and gms of curd rice or any other second dish. While few of them are unsure of second visits, they recommend that people should try the food at least once. For the money that is spent here, I feel it is all right. The supervisor must inform the control room when the food arrives as well as the number of tokens sold at the end of every meal.

The government has to implement the initiative on the ground. As they say in the hospitality sector, the customer is king and the government is a public servant, after all. However, many of the centres have yet to open.

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On his first visit to the canteen, Anil Kumar, an autorickshaw driver, is quite satisfied with the food served in a yellow coloured plate. The boys say they would like to visit the canteen for breakfast every morning. You either get it or you don't.

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The government has gone green in their initiative. If they had provided some more, it would have been nice. In the coming weeks, he says, a call would be taken on whether the food availability needs to be increased or decreased depending on the response at each canteen.

Servings are too small But there are issues with quantity at these canteens. This will cease to be an issue once all the canteens are running.

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They should serve food to all those who come during the scheduled hours, adds Narasimhamurthy. This is like standing in queue purchasing a ticketing for a Rajkumar movie. Bhaskar Raju, too, is critical of the food, saying it is fit for a medical patient. We have provided the best facilities wherever possible. Each canteen is meant to cater to people for every meal.

Mobile Indira Canteens have an edge - The Hindu

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Further, these canteens have ample space for interaction among customers and tables are thoughtfully placed. Very few canteens up and running We began by scouting the area around Mantri Square.

This has ensured good patronage by a large number of people and not just the floating population, officials said. Quantity is slightly less, I feel. People of all economic classes come here.

The servings were gms for each item. Locating the canteens is not easy though.

Though there are specifications on the quantity of food to be served, they are cutting back. Jayaprakash informs that this was his last visit to the canteen.

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While a majority of the outlets in the city have yet to become operational, there have also been complaints over the size of the servings and outlets running out of food before the closing time. The aroma of sambar wafting from it greets people at the nearby Kuvempu Road metro station, luring them inside the Mariyappan Palya Park. The canteen is located right next to a bus stop. People from all castes, creed, gender and economic classes have descended on this canteen.