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All donations are put back into my work to make more clips available. You should have no problem downloading the files from the original blog post. You have saved my group's documentary for Visual Anthropology! Dandelion on the wind with sky timelapse Ocean with waves at the Gold Coast beach. So much so that not everyone is able to afford some of the high prices that some agencies demand.

With more and more regulations now in place, there will be less and less amazing cityscape aerials out there. Free stock footage of a beautiful spring landscape on a sunny day. Strong river flowing down the rocky landscape in the bare spring forest. You can preview and download the free stock video clip below.

Beachfront B-Roll Nature

The first section is an operator working with the robot on every page turn. This free sunset video clip also shows a cactus silhouetted against the orange Arizona sky as the day fades to night.

Turquoise Wave Crashing on a Beach. Lone autumn colored tree standing by a calm lake in the forest on a nice sunny day. This is a new sound composite, produced by C. Waterside Jetty in Stormy Weather.

Nelson Mandela Memorial Plaque. Man Staring into the Sunset. Night mountain timelapse across fir forest Timelapse night sky stars with milky way on mountain background. Silhouetted family walk with orange sky, father swings his son Sunrise over the Earth.

It was a grim task indeed. Swimming pool interior with blue water The ship is in a storm at sea. Maldives, Asia, Indian Ocean. This is a set of four film Countdowns with a film filter used for effect. Instructor and student skydivers perform a tandem jump Ocean Storm.

Clear blue sky with a large white cloud on the right side of the video. You show some zeitgeist, when you go to share your work so free.

Mountain TimeLapse Do you ever feel the need to escape your normal day-to-day, and take a trip to a tropical island, an exotic rainforest, or a spectacular mountain range? Could you kindly remind me how i can credit to you in my application? Quite tricky, but it was a great chance to test out my circular polarizer.

Free Nature Stock Video Footage & B-Roll Download 4K & HD ClipsBeachfront B-Roll Nature

Free stock footage of a calm river i a frost covered landscape, on a really cold winter day with the sun setting in the background. Autumn colored trees on the other side of the river, with a lone tree standing in the right foreground. Waterfall flowing down the rocky landscape into a deep pool below, in the summer forest on a nice sunny day.

Waves Crashing on a Tropical Beach. We offer a flexible plan for every budget. Fly through beautiful white volumetric clouds on blue sky.

New highly detailed earth. Vacation Vitality Healthy Living Blue sky clouds. More people like you please and im pretty sure the world will be a better place. River flowing down the rocky landscape, on a sunny day early in the spring.

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Media Details Model Released. Stock footage of a river in the green spring forest, with a snow covered mountain range and clear blue sky in the background. Clear blue sky in the background and white water in the river. The site is a very handy way to find inexpensive assets when budgets and time are limited. Flying Over Stadio Olimpico.

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Matthew Pessoni, Mustache Power Productions. The clip itself is a beautiful Hawaiian Aerial that shows the Hawaiian coast. Ive used as christian hymns backgrounds. Thank you so much for your awesome work. How can this clip fit into your anti-war project?

The trip nearly ended before it began. Sunny day with blue sky and a white cloud above the waterfall to the right. They've got awesome stuff in that library, and it's by far the best bang for the buck going.

This video clip is available in high definition format. You may use these video clips free of charge, in both personal and commercial productions. If you use some of my videos and someone has previously used the same in a music video they've claim the rights to, it might get flagged by YouTube's automated process. Please move my Stock Footage files to the Collection.

Camera pointing straight against the sun, blue sky with a bit of white clouds. This video can be Family walk silhouetted swinging son. Please help identify the streets and locations. Drone flying upwards a river in a rocky forest landscape, above some trees where the river flows into the clear lake, then revealing the rest of the river. Aerial view of a lake in the mountains.

Hey Do you have footage where you can buy for using for film? Beautiful city aerial footage like this is hard to come by.

Free aerial nature stock footage of a green forest on a sunny day late in the spring, with a river running through it and steep mountains in the background. Nature stock footage of a river flowing down the rocky landscape, early in the spring on a wet and gray day. Free nature stock footage of a strong river rushing down the beautiful frosty winter forest, visiting card scanner software while the sun is setting behind the trees in the background.

Rainbow over the ocean seamless loop Humming bird. It really helps out people who are doing things not-for-profit.

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