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Evelyn Sharma compensates for the lack of item-number here. But on the other hand, I really wish Rohan had thought of a different culmination to make it even better. Evelyn sharma does well in a short role she has. Meanwhile, Mandar is coming back to normal.

Language supported English India. Even with low expectations, I felt I should leave the cinema without watching the show until the end. In five minutes, anyone could tell you the whole plot including the stupid ass jokes. Story is linear but screenplay gives it new dimensions. Its a light hearted comedy-drama movie which deserves a watch.

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Now from what I just said you'd probably think this was movie was really bad, although it actually wasn't. Movie is about having spent sometime of your life in someone else's shoes and enjoying it there. Reminder Successfully Set!

Kunal Roy Kapoor as Mandar Leleis fine. For the die-hard lovers of screen romance, the final hour of the film has one of the longest kissing scenes of Hindi Cinema, shot brilliantly with a pinch of humour. Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action.

Screenplay is full of metaphors. But Abhishek Bachchan serves no purpose at all in his cameo inserted deliberately.

Who is whose boy friend at one point. Some of the background music was cool. The soundtrack for the film is romantic, lively and situational.

Rohan layers it with side-splitting comedy, some great lines and incredible performances. And that needs to be considered as nothing short of a rare achievement made in the world of remakes. Performance-wise, even though Ayushmann Khurrana is our big star here, I would have to give the trophy to Kunal Roy Kapur.

Nautanki Saala Songs

With lots of newness comes a film that rarely moves out of the box. After doing so, he leaves with Sita. Out of Control Mast Kalandar. Published by Best Rated Song. The regular media and now blogs, twitter, facebook and whatever will be next.

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From the starting till the end, you are in one play. He saves him and brings home. Music by various artists, is hummable. He played his role so well. Report this app to Microsoft.

Additionally, the movie has some great songs which makes it a pleasant watch. Developed by Best Rated Song. Will it do well at the box-office?

My gut has never let me down. Kunaal on the other hand was last seen in Delhi Belly. It was unnecessary but just had to be there due to the plot.

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Derived from his father's epic action movie, Nautanki Saala! Nautanki Saala proves that a movie doesn't need to have a bad story and a bunch of meaningless jokes for the audience to laugh. In a way, for the rest of my life that works out fine for Nautanki Saala because it keeps expectations under control. The songs too seem to be liked my almost all reviewers. Songs revamped and Produced Song Composer Background score composer.

Enjoy the read and let me know what you think the film under discussion is going to mean to you. As Ram is a helping guy, he tries solving out Mandar's problems and probes into his life. Why would a person who doesn't know the other would spend so much without knowing the other. He offers him the role of Lord Ram in his theater play. Mandar is devastated because of his break-up with Nandini Pooja Salvi and attempted suicide because he thinks he is worthless.

The all-famous Bollywood drama of Love Triangles reappears. Still, this went unbearable. The song became an instant hit thus connecting highly with the audience and topping the music charts.


Kunal roy kapoor did awesome job. The cinematography was good parts. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing.

Only acting of Ayushumann is good. The first half is hilarious and the audience was laughing uncontrollably. Whatever was added to the movie from the soundtrack was cut to be made as short as possible. Mumbai Mumbai search close. Was this review helpful to you?

Overall, even if u miss this, nothing would be lost. In this space, I intend to put together my thoughts on an upcoming release based on what I've read and seen about it thus far. Pooja Salvi as Nandini is good. It did it's best not to be slapstick but to make sense. Must watch Bollywood Movies.