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Hawaii Opera Theatre

Bring chairs or a blanket to sit on. The warm winds on this Koolau Mountain cliff often reach gale-force, making it delightfully hard to stand in one spot as your clothing and hair whip around uncontrollably. What is true is that this is a spot the two of you will never forget, for its view and its wind. This theatre focuses on Broadway, Off-Broadway and contemporary plays.

Look out for more secluded spots! Or, a dinner date made by a private chef specializing in farm to table gourmet meals from Hawaii farms. Settle down for dinner about an hour before sunrise so you can enjoy your food in the sun and then snuggle up with the one you love as you watch the sunset. Why not be doubly romantic and watch the magnificent sunset before taking time to gaze up at a sky full of stars.

The best place to go for waterfalls is along the road to Hana. Architectural Excursion Show off your sophisticated side by escorting your date to the luxurious Shangri La, the former home of Doris Duke. You could drop the entire island of Manhattan into that crater and still have room left over.

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The Queen Emma Summer Palace Once the seasonal retreat for Queen Emma and her family, this historic Hawaiian estate is now a museum open to the public for tours. Buho Cantina prioritizes the use of farm fresh produce, locally grown right on the island. You'll also visit the Byodo-in Temple, and take a trip to the cascading Waimea Falls, where you'll enjoy a traipse through lush botanical gardens. This mid-size theatre is known for its Broadway musical productions.

What could be more romantic than taking a dip in a natural fresh water pool with the one you love? Each one has a different vibe, specializing in different plays.

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Now that you have a few romantic dates nights in mind for your vacation to Oahu, let us help fill in for the remaining nights. Oahu, the location of Honolulu and Waikiki, may be the most commercial of the islands, cokiem online dating but it also has some of the most romantic places on the globe.

Here you will find cascading waterfalls and plunge pools, as well as a longer hike through a bamboo forest ending up at the famous Waimoku Falls. The result is an authentic Mexican restaurant whose chefs take fresh and modern approach to traditional meals. Just hold hands and take a barefoot walk along the shore as the sun descends through the pink clouds over the Waianae Mountains. But those waves can also be beautiful, and it is no accident that the beach is named Sunset. After all, vacations are all about getting refreshed and Maui has a whole range of very nice spas.

Top Romantic Date Ideas for Your Vacation on Oahu

Located in Waikiki, Bohu Cantina serves lunch, dinner, and late night fare. These cruises board late afternoon and last between hours. But where are the best places to go if you want a romantic outing with the one you love? Let us help you make every night of your vacation romantic when you book an oceanfront vacation rental or cozy villa in Hawaii with us.

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Nuuanu Pali is a volcanic cliff that offers a spectacular view of northern Oahu, including the ocean, yellow banana groves, and the night stars. Check out our collection of luxury vacation rentals today to make your next romantic vacation on Oahu as relaxing as possible. Check out our list of things to do on Oahu for couples, below. About half an hour before sunrise, the two of you, bundled up in sweaters and jackets, will be standing there, looking down at a seemingly endless blanket of puffy clouds. They bring their telescopes so you get an even closer look!

Additionally, Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii offers fully customizable private lessons, retreats, or group tours throughout the island. Guests then journey by boat out into the water before donning a mask and snorkel and submerging themselves in the clear water. Guests interested in taking classes can elect to participate in a variety of activities including yoga lessons, hiking the trails, and group snorkeling.

Yet, if you want a truly unforgettable, romantic vacation, then we have a few suggestions that will help you get just that. If you leave from Maalaea then be sure to look out for turtles by the harbor wall! Why not pick somewhere you can enjoy your treatments side by side?

Take a rental car for a drive around the island. You both relish discussing interpretive pieces. The tour goes beyond traditional Hawaiian cuisine and introduces visitors to a globally exotic range of tastes and flavors that exist on the island. This classic theatre features the performing arts, but performances are often short running.

Next you'll head up the Ko'olau Mountains, to Nu'uanu Pali Lookout, where you'll learn about the history of King Kamehameha and his fight to unite Hawaii. Chef Chai manages to balance an upscale ambiance with a down to earth attitude. If you did it, the World Trade Center would not come close to rising above the rim. You can turn the outing into a picnic when you grab two traditional Hawaiian plates and take them to the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden.

The tour allows you to flaunt your bottomless knowledge of history, architecture and art to your partner, and maybe learn something, too. Pack a cooler with starters, mains and desserts. Take an Art Walk You both love art. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Mingle and browse the open galleries together at Art After Dark each month.

From there you can see the famous Diamond Head volcano and the lush Moana Valley, which often has spectacular rainbows stretching across its skies. Another volcanic cliff, another spectacular view for lovers. Participants can choose an appropriate tour based on their desired environment, subject, and photography skill level. When you take your date here, be sure to tell them the legend of King Kamehameha who united the warring island of Hawaii into one kingdom by forcing the enemy off the edge of this same lookout. Trust us, your date will love the simplicity.

The islands are covered with them. The nearest place along the road is Twin Falls, which involves an easy hike up to the waterfalls and a great place to swim. And everything on the island seems to run big, including two very active giants named Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Aside from dolphins, swimmers have the chance to get up close to a range of diverse marine life including sea turtles and vibrant, tropical fish. The Lyon Arboretum is a lush and tropical location where visitors can immerse themselves in a truly scenic environment.

As you stand there in awe, the sun will seem to rise up from under the white clouds, turning them red and gold. Where is your favorite romantic place on Maui?

Maui is a very special place. No, this fantastic two-mile beach is for watching and walking.

Both options are available for paddlers with any level of experience. Then, take your car around the island with the windows down. One reason for that title is a pulse-pounding piece of property in the center of the island called Haleakala Ha-lay-ah-kah-lah.

In winter you can sit together on that beach, rub one another down with suntan lotion, and watch the best surfers in the world who congregate at this spot to challenge those ferocious waves. The restaurant offers several location options for guests, including a private dining room, a full bar, and an outside patio complete with fire tower surrounds. There is no hike involved here. Why not do a spot of stargazing together?

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