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They both feel each of our day with joy and endless of laughter! We really enjoyed our stays in Druk Hotel and Metta Resort. It is a very beautiful country. Thank you for organising it and to the team here. For those using the Thimphu-Babesa Expressway the past few weeks have been a frustrating and at times even dangerous activity with Thimphu Thromde staff digging up the divider.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Me and my husband really lucky to have Mr. We enjoyed the trip very much though there were challenging moments for me while doing the trek, haha. This month's performance was the third installment. Also Kadrin Chhey to you for helping us with the trip arrangement.

The scope and magnificence of its valleys and mountains are simply indescribable and must be experienced first-hand. Wonderful news from this great journey. The country is really breathtakingly beautiful.

We had so much fun together and I believe it made for some good radio! Truly enjoyed Bhutan and I would visit again Dear Sonam, Kaadinchhey La for your email and apologies for taking such a long time to respond to your email. Labourers that work to segregate wastes at the Memelakha landfill need more precautionary measures from risks caused by hazardous wastes, like corrosive glass and metals.

Noam in Bhutan A week of music making with Tshering Dorji

Noam in Bhutan A week of music making with Tshering Dorji

Yes, we have been well and are now in Bangkok for a few days of resting. When I don't have to worry about money, I find that I have much more room to give and not want anything in return.

As a person who travels frequently for leisure, this has been one of the best holidays I have been on so far! Dear Sonam, Kaadinchhey La for your email and apologies for taking such a long time to respond to your email. And we were fascinated by the landscape, the combination of the Himalayas Mountains scenarios and the man's work around the agriculture and construction of so nicely decorated house farms.

Wonderful trip to Bhutan Thank you for all your last-minute efforts in making the trip to Bhutan possible. Bhutan is an example within an agitated world where peace and happiness are in danger in so many places. Hello Sonam, I have had a wonderful tour here in Bhutan. We appreciated as well the religious feelings which are present everywhere and are part of the landscape with these so wonderful pray-flags and of course these temples and monasteries.

Personally, I had been so moved by the three days and by the presence and energy of this master teacher and so coming to it, I was already quite charged emotionally. And Bhutan seems to be doing everything right to maintain its natural beauty, culture and way of life. This eliminates the problems of having to compromise with other strangers in a group.

Tshering Dorji

Teaching and learning in the Himalayas. Yes, we felt sad to leave Bhutan.

Thank you for all your last-minute efforts in making the trip to Bhutan possible. The people are very warm too. And also really thank you so much for helping me with all of my unstoppable questions. Yesterday we performed together at the Centennial Music Concert Series.

So there we were performing a traditional Bhutanese song that Tshering had arranged in front of hundreds of Bhutanese who had come to attend the teaching and in front of Rinpoche himself. The Bhutanese - Leading the way. Or put another way, it was about much more than the music. Anyway, not much time passed and we decided to get together, and when I heard his music, hindi movies players I was thrilled that I had said yes. It's like the music had more meaning to the listeners than I have previously experienced.

Tshering's songs have beautiful melodies, an integrity of structure and harmony that characterizes only the best of songs, and he himself is a sensitive and wonderfully skilled guitarist and singer. Tshering Dorji on the social networking place so that i could request him to share some of his experience. Tshering Dorji's mail id, so would anyone mind giving it to me? We had a very good driver and we liked our guide Dorji.

Dorji Tshering

Tshering DorjiDorji Tshering

We discussed and listened to his music, talked about his creative process, his life and the nature of Bhutan's music industry and conditions for artists and musicians here. Our annual concert front page on Kuensel!

He was very knowledgeable of all the sites and history. Digital images do not do justice to its beauty. His well articulated lyrics and seamlessly sculptured musical forms and notations make him the finest contemporary musician in the country. Straight back to work since then.

As a single traveller, I was extremely pleased with the travel arrangements of having one guide and driver to myself. Bhutan was fantastic and I was extremely sad to leave. The only criticism I could have for him or rather a recommendation would be to encourage him to perfect his English as it is sometimes difficult to understand him. And of course, due to the roadworks, we had to adjust our timing as well.

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So we began to work on his songs. After all one needs to pay rent. Unfortunately, our flight delayed so we missed a number of sights in Bhutan. They even help me to arrange a simple birthday celebration for my husband and he is just so happy and touched.

But, we equally liked the Druk Hotel where we enjoyed a beautiful room, the change to the Lobesa Hotel was also great. Dear Sonam, We had a fantastic trip to Bhutan! He was very informative, discreet and courteous. Our first opportunity to perform together in public was one of the most memorable performances of my life.

It was a privilege, an honor, and most of all a truly moving experience. Our departure from Bhutan went very well and I wanted to thank you again for taking care of our excess luggage allowance. Specialize in Cultural Guide, Trekking Guide. And Noam, I read many stuffs people from different parts of the world write, but yours was a piece I just fell for. We performed four songs and were interviewed, and the show will be broadcasted in a few weeks.