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With this flexibility, each member of your project team has exactly the right application for the work they need to do. You can draw lines, arcs, polylines, primitives and annotation objects. Full snap button should include the parallel snap option. Learn how to navigate the new interface, work with the changes in existing commands, and more.

You probably want to share yours? You may get what you want, but you walk away feeling like you just got taken somehow. Microstation allows you to open and convert autocad files.

MicroStation Data Sheet View. With MicroStation, you can easily view, model, document, keyboarding practice software and visualize projects of any size or complexity. Bentley is working hard to make almost all of their products run on MicroStation.

They prefer to keep only a small selection of the ones they use regularly on screen. The capability of handling heavy files, the functionality of tools, reducing the user work load are some of the best which i like in the software. MicroStation was initially developed by Bentley Systems and sold and supported by Intergraph in the s. MicroStation is a solid and very stable drafting system that can meet all your needs, regardless of what industry you work in.

It's been a difficult to keep up with the all the changes as an original geopak user. Autocad Is most friendly user than microstation. Many of these features are among the most popular used today.

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But you get what you pay for. Fairly stable platform doesn't crash to often. Given some municipal governments still use this program, a good bet you will need it to for your business to suceed.

Any time we bring on new applications, we consider the impact it has on our current workflow. Because of its versatility it's also quite complicated. Integrating with the advancement of new technologies, the future of MicroStation software is very bright.

MicroStation V8i

MicroStation requires you to have a named, saved, file to work with. Geographic coordinate accuracy, compatibility with many other software platforms in multidicipline environments. Ease of Use, Reducing the investment on hardware, Availability of product from recent to very old versions which are more helpfull to work with out any difficulty. Microstation is much easier to use that autocad.

Most of all, it's realiable and easy to learn! This version also introduced enhanced precision and a very commonly used tool in MicroStation - PowerSelector. The cost of a Microstation license is fairly expensive.

Some other glitches like, changing something, saving it. The Select by Attributes tool available is nice and highly functional, but requires too many clicks.

So as improved versions are released, there is never a completely new interface to learn. The reference manager dialog box and using logicals!

That is, with this version. This version of MicroStation also included several features to enable more work over the internet.

That they do not have efficient quick keys. This course explains how to print single files and batch print multiple files, as well as how to automate the print environment to improve project efficiency.

Needs some improvements in Word editor. Access to the Bentley website and access to product support and training is fantastic.

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However once learned, you can apply it to real-world engineering and fortunately, Bentley provides many free online learning resources. At the beginning some commands seemed difficult to remember, some commands took time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Confidently work in the right context for each project with the required settings and standards automatically applied. Yes, Autodesk has the best drafting and visualization tool.


Improve enterprise-wide collaboration through integration with ProjectWise. Above is just my two cents. Integration with newly acquired technologies, points to a bright future for the Microstation platform. Benefits to own this is that it helped us to attract more clients who require microstation format. Personalize and group tools and tasks and reduce keystrokes with customizable menus.

There is ambiguity about how some features work. Easy to work with references moving, clipping, rotating etc. It was the best ever, and still is.

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Overall experience is very good. Powerful program, easy to use however it took time for me to start.

Came from other cadd software but once I learned Microstation, I am loving it! Need to improve the selection method for selecting multiple objects. As a result, you can create comprehensive, multi-discipline models, documentation, and other deliverables. It is no longer adaptable to new ways of use for company standards. Its super easy to navigate and very user friendly.