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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! While the back story of the track's creation is hair-raising, the duo's pulsing electro groove and Deheza's breathy, angelic vocals are downright life-affirming. Keanu Reeves says he's lonely, despite living in a world obsessed with Keanu Reeves. She doesn't try to downplay her feelings or dress them up.

What always separated the Conchords from their comic peers was their ability to rise above the limitations of any traditional parody. Interestingly, Ramone also passed away due to complications from lymphoma. Arrow Created with Sketch. Scream yourself hoarse on the most empowering alt-rock rager Hole never made. Share On vk Share On vk Share.

Of course, part of growing up is learning to embrace what you love. The high point of was a superstorm ballad that hits like a pitching wedge through your windshield. High praise, for sure, but the Queen of Soul's cover proves more than anything else that she's still the greatest singer of all time.

Lil Jon was the turn-up king way before turning up was even a thing. The year's nutsiest party jam was also the perfect protest banger for a generation fed up with everything. Just like that, Lewis flips the script on the male gaze. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. John Legend performed it for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, at their wedding.

But between the gospel-choir backing and Smith's achingly gorgeous singing, you might just fall in love to it anyway. The alt-country vets get real about what it's like to be a band for plus years in this wry lament. Breezy told us that they even played the track for him while he was locked in jail. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Remember the six-month span when this song was in your head non-stop?

These hits should be on every wedding playlist this year. She managed to make marriage sound ridiculously hot.

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a song by Sara Bareilles that isn't perfect for a wedding, but this one has a particularly romantic story. Share On more Share On more More. Among those is the compact nature of the record, every song delicately mapped out without unnecessary frills or wasted space. David Lee Roth crashed a Vegas bachelor party, but its guests had no clue who he was. We're suckers for a love song duet, and this one is no exception.

The Brooklyn band ditches romantic indie-pop for something with sharper edges on this spiky plea. This Mississippi hip-hop duo sound like they're still in junior high. Canadian avant-pop experimenter Dan Snaith a. Have a different song in mind?

The top 10 songs of 2014

The lyrics are about a shy groom's first dance sound familiar? Shape Created with Sketch. Backed with haunting piano, drums, bass and a killer string arrangement, Gainsbourg makes this tale of a murder on the run sound as riveting as an episode of Serial.

There probably would never have been a Nirvana without Sonic Youth. Prince turned a jokey Twitter hashtag into a sparkling sex jam.

Memories of youth in the Sixties, reflected through decades of lived truth. Okay, this techno hit is not going to work as a first-dance song, but it's definitely a must-play for your after-party! Herring walks a fine line between Erasure and Tina Turner, oozing sad-white-boy soul. Rihanna could regret that decision.

But that boyish hype-ness and an eerily sparkling beat from Mike Will Made-It make for a zany baller anthem that pops like bubble gum. Despite what the title might suggest, it's actually perfect for dancing! Irish newcomer Hozier preaches sin and sensuality on this bluesy foot-stomper.

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Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. It's warm and intimate, the musical equivalent of a long-term relationship. This mellow acoustic song is perfect for those quieter moments at the wedding or even your first dance.

The singer-songwriter has admitted this Paul McCartney classic was a favorite to perform at sound checks over the years. We'd love to have those problems. The massive chorus captures the exact moment boozing stops being fun and starts to get terrifying.

Not only did the duo ignite dance floors across the world, they delivered one of the year's most creative music videos too. That's how long the Brit's In The Lonely Hour breakout has held steady on the Billboard Hot chart, clouds brushes for photoshop and I'm sure the gospel-powered ballad will haunt many a breakup playlist for years to come.

The incredibly catchy hit not only gave Taylor another reason to dance and, subsequently, hella Grammy nominations, but it served as her pop proclamation. But the pioneering Brit took another leap into uncharted territories by releasing a skittering, seven-minute orchestral jazz number that he belts out like an opera singer. These alt-country-loving Swedes sing like true sweethearts of the rodeo. Don't even bother trying to resist this hook. Seven wordless minutes of pure guitar bliss and blaze, as only Moore can do it.

Joel's vocal performance is so impassioned, dude even popped a piano string while preparing to record this track in the studio. Lana making fun of hipsters is sorta like Ted Cruz making fun of assholes.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. White chooses to slink into the background, eschewing the spotlight and thus allowing singer Alison Mosshart to steal the show with her menacing vocals. Here are our top wedding song predictions of the year.

Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. And with social sites like YouTube and Instagram more popular than ever, what could've been long forgotten, one-off live performances were shared worldwide for fans.

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Jack Antonoff shouts about fear and desperate loneliness, while the crazy-catchy group chorus and hyperactive synths suggest he's going to be just fine. Will he mature into a genre mainstay or will he fade into obscurity? Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. This song is all about accepting love no matter what others have to say about it. Imagine there's no Raditude.