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So as to be comprehensible even to the posterity, he has elaborated also on how to chant and sing Sri Sai's name from the depth of one's heart and on how to behave oneself in pursuit of God. This thought pattern turns man gradually towards God and re- veals his soul to him. In those days, me and my fellow- singers, who included Sri K.

Therefore, one should not be hybridized with the other. Sri Sai will be loath to accept a puja or an act of devotion tainted with duplicity, for unwavering and unalloyed love, puja and bhajan are what He expects from us. Inner purity outweighs outward cleanli- ness.

In fact, it is what we badly need to do. It is the best elixir for those, who, owing to the perversions of worldly life, turned insensitive. Lord Sri Sainath never asked people to abandon their duties and sing in his praise.

Most of the devotees are not found to be exercising enough caution in this regard. In the very first encounter, we were thoroughly impressed by his simplicity of style, austerety of living and plain manners. Similarly, those at Marred pally Secunderabad started organising it uninterruptedly for all the nine days of Dasara Navarathri festival every year.

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Placing Omkaaram at the top of the triangle is just in keep- ing with that fact. One should not talk too much, nor think too much. He is constantly accompanying man through his journey alongside the wheel of time. It is not uncommon to collect cotributions in both cash and kind from public and private people for the sake of religious cel- ebrations.

Though it is a common practice to worship Sri Sai for our wants and needs, howmany of us do care to pray to Him for world peace so that all life on the earth could live in comfort and tranquility? But how justifiable is it, if the rich and well-provided-for people eat bellyful and taking home various other commodities in the name of partaking God's prasaadam?

Any failure to do so will result in misuse and conse- quently attaracts sin in stead of reward from the Almighty. Epecially his total identification with God, with that Universal Absolute Soul is manifest in the unselfish way he seeks only our feeling of love and gratitude towards him. Bala Subrahmanyam for his faithful rendering into English and as also for his beautiful type-setting. Yet, we used to sing in praise of all other Hindu gods and goddesses as well, for it is Sri Sai Himself who is manifest in all of them and also because He is one.

Salutations to Sai who is the embodiment of Mahadeva and Sadashiva. One's character is not known unless you are friends with him for some time. Dualist philosophy dwaitam Nothing in this creation happens without a cause. No matter how great humans might be, it should always be borne in mind that they are all inferior to God because they are humans. The best course is constructive criticism and holy company satsangam.

Then only we will deserve to ex- perience the Master's grace and God's mercy. Of the three kinds of worships, namely, person-worship, God's worship and soul-worship, people should judiciously think about their relative merits, concepts and philosophy and pick the best of them. That way, we should avail His grace and blessing. It is absolutely unacceptable, for it makes Lord Sri Sainath culpable for our follies. Later, your expenditure on health will go down.

The book enabled me to get at the heart of his philosophy of absolute love for Sri Sai and prompted me to call on him in person. Devotees should not pause while switching a melody or shift- ing the charge of singing from one another.

Om Sai Sri Sai

This blasphemy is provoked by thoughtlessness and intoler- ance of hardships, but hardly contains an iota of truth in it. Observance of discipline during bhajans will be good for devo- tees, because it ill-behoves devotees to resort to clownish behaviour and noisy devilments during a bhajan. Now-a-days, there are incidents galore, like pretending to be Sai devotees or gurus of His cult, fleecing money from public and terrifying them by threatening to curse in His name. Similarly, it is everyone's responsibility to dissuade our people from migrating to other re- ligions.

This work simultaneously aims at throwing light on the origin of Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai, the proper way of chanting it and the the importance of good conduct for the benefit of posterity. Sri Vijayanagar Colony Devotees, Hyderabad. Jaya stands for triumph and the joy accruing therefrom. Similarly, maxwell render for sketchup 8 the accompanying orchestra should go in line with the song and not obscure it. Their song should be Rise before the Sun.

Sri Veda Vyasa also adds that God was impatient to uplift both the deprived and the depraved in His latest incarnation as His own holy name. The fact that many generations as a whole will stand con- verted if one single person in a family converts now, should be realized. It is known as Sri Sai thaaraka dvaadasaaksharee mahaa mantram.

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God will be satisfied, only when the hun- gry and famished are fed. As the proposal originated from Sri D. Every thing is worth considering judiciously by its pros and cons.

Some people would like to take a cue from what Sri Sai had taught others to do in a peculiar situation and apply it to them- selves or to others. His life will not be bothersome to others. Otherwise, they will not only be unproduc- tive, but also counter-productive.

If you have a recording of this song that you would like to share, please use this form to contact us. The way it facilitates a hearty, loving and passionate entreaty to God. Flexibility to chant and memorize it during one's working hours as well as leisure. Think over how unjustifiable it is!

Ready acceptance of the things offered to God, such as flow- ers, fruits, clothes and food items, especially when they are sought to be given with a sense of love and devotion. Man will be able to defend himself against disease during old age.

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Besides, one day-long chants and two day-long chants are also conducted there. He is present both in light and darkness, both in the seven worlds and in Shirdi too.

Jaya Guru Omkara Jaya Jaya