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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Windows Mobile version was more impressive. Folder creation is still a mess. It won't even support live wallpapers for crying out loud!

Was great when they were just trying to get the attention of mfrs. Wish i could get a refund! Definitely worth the money.

Shell is no longer supported. But thinking about it, the only reason why it may have been introduced at this point is to provide a migration path to the international version of Yandex Shell. Went through months of a horrible smart phone experience and then I stopped using spb shell and my phone works like new again with live wallpaper. Gregory Opera Brilliant alternative launcher, but neglected completely since Yandex took over Spb Software. Brilliant alternative launcher, opera hotel reservation system but neglected completely since Yandex took over Spb Software.

SPB Shell 3D for Android - Download

Would like some new clocks as I'm bored with the ones on here. They made a million dollars off of one app with no updates. The best feature is the Flickr panel that lets you set wallpapers from Flickr, it recently stopped updating for me so I wrote to the developer.

SPB Shell 3D

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Don't waste your time or your money. What kind of stone cold app is this.

The core is there if they would just put the effort into developing it. Description This application is no longer supported. Now they have just written in data usage code to make money.

What does spb stand for anyhow? Next Launcher works great, plus, as a paid user, you will receive updates and answers to your questions.

Super Funny Ringtones Free. It shouldn't be released to the public in its current form let alone the price. Waste of money When I bought this I thought yea it was awesome! Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Disappointed Come on guys really?

Very pretty launcher but slow exiting applications back to launcher. Its really one of the best I've found. Trying everything nothing works. If they would just upgrade it, I would gladly add more stars. Free as are x better than yall.

But currently, there is not enough value in the app for the money. This would have been a great launcher if the dev stuck to it. So if you think this drains your battery your dead wrong.

The smooth interface and friendly user not to mention easy access to all menu and it wont stop amazed me. Also sometimes home screen touch does not respond. Other applications in the Personalization category.

Software companies of Russia Companies based in Saint Petersburg. The App always loading I have had this app a long time but no one can seem to help me. To continue enjoying a personally.

You will end up with better functionality, much better transition effects and with a bit of work a stunning and unique Android device. Every app can be improved but this has just stayed the same. Paid for this app and currently regretting it as it seems the users have been forgotten. Good but old Guess they don't update this, if u buy this just consider it a donation that is all they care about as it seems.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Needless to say super disappointed this once brag worthy app is just mediocre due to its lack of updates. There should be a setting to choose transition time. Financial Headquarters are located in Hong Kong.

SPB Shell 3D APK by SPB Software Details

Don't waste your money on it. Google you are responsible for allowing this to happen. Regular addition in features will be very useful. Had this app for three years now, nothing new in that time. Had to uninstall in safe mode.

The definitave interface for Android

Now it just doesn't open when pressing to open app. Phases of moon widget is pretty cool. There is so much promise for this launcher, but users never receive updates.

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