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As such, it renders the political potential of these programs moot, argues Banet-Weiser. Most importantly, she reveals the elitist underpinnings of instantly refusing mainstream media. The Fosters addresses a demographic for which the discussion of lesbian sex is usually considered unsuitable. Her partner Lena is identified as biracial, the daughter of a black woman and a white man. One of these conversations occurs after a party that Stef and Lena host.

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At the center of the Ad Age special is a continuous emphasis on the importance of family to millennials. Magid Associates and insights drawn from Millennials Rising, by William Strauss and Neil Howe, an influential book for defining the millennial generation. Moreover, the program overtly addresses what it means to be a part of a diverse, nontraditional family and explores identity formation as an ongoing process. Specifically, I examine three interrelated facets of The Fosters and its industrial context.

We learned that Millennials value their families. At the same time, a more profound engagement with diversity appears on The Fosters, where racial, ethnic, and sexual difference is openly addressed. In addition, the revelation that Mariana has two moms clearly surprises the sales associate, leading her to suggest that Mariana could dance with a male relative. Jennifer Lopez joined The Fosters as an executive producer. The Fosters as a whole challenges a traditional definition of belonging, namely that one feels most at home with the culture or family into which one is born.

Understanding Branded Diversity

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This rebranding strategy draws on research by the media consulting agency Frank N. This seemingly unremarkable question places Mariana in an awkward position. Mariana, her friend Lexi Bianca A. In the case of The Fosters, this holds particularly true for the representation of the central lesbian couple. Lexi insists that Mariana will dance with her moms as a matter of course, but Mariana remains silent.

Moreover, it stresses the importance of intimacy to their relationship, as these opening shots could easily have featured them in other settings. Rather, it provides viewers with an insight that is appropriate to the parameters established by genre and target audience. Using The Fosters as a case study, this article explores the strategic use of cultural diversity as brand management tool in cable television.

She is particularly interested in how the media industry and millennial audiences understand diversity on digital entertainment platforms. Queers, Class, and Cultural Production, it is important to recognize the limitations of mainstream media production but not to see them as all-encompassing. For example, both political economists and scholars who study queer media representations offer skeptical analyses of mainstream attempts of engaging with diversity. This article thus also addresses the question of where meaningful representations of diversity can happen in the mainstream media.

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Overall, The Fosters offers meaningful diversity by providing viewers with insights into all the family members, who take turns being the focal points of episodes. This program embodies the kind of meaningful diversity for which media scholars frequently ask, but it seems utopian to imagine such a drama would appear on American television. The Ad Age special also outlines what kinds of programming millennials desire.

Finally, I examine how media scholars can make sense of diversity imbricated in corporate brand management via a few examples of how meaningful and branded diversity overlap in The Fosters. Moreover, the program features episodes that address tensions arising out of racial, sexual, and class difference. At the party, sample of online dating message a lesbian couple who are clearly long-time friends of the Fosters share the news that they have decided to split up.

Austin are twins who were adopted by Stef and Lena when they were five years old. For a teen-oriented, prime-time soap, this is especially remarkable. Banet-Weiser seems to feel ambivalent about the corporate version of diversity offered by Nickelodeon and, in her more recent work, about the advancement of branding into most areas of life. These constant updates and invitations to participate keep viewers engaged with the program even when it is off the air.