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His occupation is personal trainer at a local gym. Personality Hunter is a dedicated person who commits to a religion he did not believe in, just to get with a girl, proving himself to be also very compassionate. He drives a Chrysler Crossfire named Appolonia. The repeated rejections caused him to have a psychotic break, and he plotted to murder Cleveland in his home with an axe on Halloween. He seems to resemble Cleveland Jr.

His antisemitism is contradicted by his affection toward his stereotypically Jewish teacher, Mrs. Eventually, he simply took them prisoner until Cleveland arrived home with Rallo, at which point he attempted to kill them, as well. He was Junior's love rival, fighting over Vanessa. He also has a very deep Eastern European accent, has trouble with American euphemisms, and has a tendency to stammer a lot.

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Fist's life by doing it Operation style. Fist has become the newfound, fifth member of Cleveland's friend circle at The Broken Stool and has appeared with the cast in all subsequent episodes, featuring the group. Cleveland is usually depicted as exceedingly gentle and patient, and it is only on rare occasions that he has been known to lose his temper and resort to violence.

She is unaware that Tim smokes, as he deliberately keeps it a secret from her. He is good friends with Bernard. She was still at odds with Cleveland after what nearly happened to her niece and asks him to babysit her son Marco to see if he was ignorant about her culture.

The Cleveland Show

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They then find a win win deal, that Rallo can keep him, and sneak it under the radar of Lydia. And worse, listens to them too!

Vanessa was laying down in the newly built house and Hunter had the idea to light the house on fire with gasoline and matches. He is apparently the most intelligent of Oliver's main group of friends. She first appeared in the pilot episode at Cleveland and Donna's wedding. Gus is also very lax, hiring Cleveland Jr. They initially hit it off over their shared love of music, but the relationship gets dangerous on Holt's end when Jane gets aggressive with him and starts beating him regularly.

All were seen attending the wedding of Cleveland and Donna Brown. In his second appearance, he has a purple T-shirt, blue sweatpants, and white sneakers. Since the events of that episode, Dr. Ernie and his father bond when they discover that the only reason they did not want to live together was because they thought the other did not, and Lester is able to bring Ernie back home.

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She also speaks Italian, further supporting her enjoyment of foreign things. Saul was present at LeVar and Cookie's wedding. He has a daughter named Candace who is the same age as Rallo. As with many popular students, Roberta often acts as a bully and a self-centered character, even towards her own family members. Near the end of the episode Murray and Rallo get revenge on her by filling her apartment with cats to make her seem that she lost her mind and being forced to go to a mental institution.

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Rallo seems to take a more aggressive hand in their interaction, openly insulting Junior. He is also vengeful and argumentative, trying to get into a fight with Junior over Vanessa. Quagmire ended up driving her body down to Stoolbend for her funeral. He is thirty-five years old and lives with his wife, Arianna, and his son, Raymond.

He has a very laid-back attitude. However, they are not allowed to go into the party because they're black. Gus seems to be on good terms with Cleveland and his friends, giving them their drinks for free. Among other things, Kendra is also revealed to be a devoted fan of Alan Alda. However, this seems to just be Rallo's way of addressing people in general, and not done with any deep malice intended.

When Cleveland finds out, he keeps it from her to preserve their relationship. She is the owner of Choni's Cantina a Mexican restaurant. When Junior joined the youth choir just to get close to her, Hunter knew this was competition, because he was in love with her too, and he'd been trying to get with her for far longer.

Hunter and Junior teamed up to avoid having sex with Vanessa. After this, Hunter and Junior became friends. Vanessa soon found out about both Hunter and Junior's secrets, but this only made her horny, since they knew they were lying just to get with her. Junior had to go in first.

Cleveland eventually works beside Terry as a cable guy. Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. Cleveland then decides to teach Principal Wally a lesson for almost torching his jersey, infocorp peru online dating as well as for calling Cleveland Jr.

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Jane is shown to love cats, as she has lots of them living in her apartment, one of which is seemingly capable of using her answering machine. During his time in Family Guy he was shown to be skinny, hyperactive, and athletic. He is shown as a more sexual, stupid, and violent character in his new form than he was originally.

She takes Cleveland's house in the divorce and puts it up for sale, yet is still apparently living there some months later. One of the planes is Cleveland falling and crashing into the ground and Peter explains that without him, Cleveland could not hold up on his own, referencing to the show's cancellation. He suffers from pronounced oral cancer from years of tobacco-chewing as shown with part of his right cheek missing, similar to the scar seen on Jonah Hex and is apparently homeless.

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Appearance Hunter is a Caucasian, Jewish teenage boy with curly dark brown hair. For her and Tim's honeymoon, they went to Israel. When he does, he grows attached to it and doesn't want to let it go. Cheney's for playing one of his recordings.

Tim has often hinted at his attraction to Donna, similar to Quagmire's attraction to Lois on Family Guy. LeVar had a vomit reaction to this when Cleveland told him outside of the house. When Cleveland, Tim, Lester, and Terry all try to get her to stop, she beats up all of them, as well, knowing they will not strike her back for being a female. Cleveland did not like the idea of this, but since this was his son, he decided to throw it for him.

He was formerly one of Peter Griffin's best friends in Family Guy and also owned and ran a deli. Later in the episode, Rallo also mentions putting an end to his rodeo career, while it was still good, just like The Simpsons. Bernard Bernard voiced by will.

He then bust in warning them about this and giving Junior a wink. Hunter demanded he back off and even revealed that he knew that Junior was an Atheist, which he planned to blackmail him with. She has been dating a less than respectable boy by the name of Federline Jones, who Donna does not much approve of, but who Cleveland has managed to bully into submission. However, due to them having a long-distance relationship, Cecilia had moved on and started dating someone else, meaning that he was single again. Federline appears to only be dating Roberta for her body, not caring if she is smart as long as she is physically attractive.