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Do you know how much of the Mylar Paper I need to order? Just beware with second hand ones because you have no idea how many hours are on the bulb. If you want to see anything up close shoot me a pm and I am usually home during the day in the afternoon. Will this work with a normal data projector or does it need to be of a certain type? We bought a cheap projector from Aldi and just using an old laptop we have.

One is a fairly transparent white one, while the other is a blockout blind. Also has anybody used a outdoor wireless speaker set and if so what has your experience been with how well that worked? We have a similar problem. However I believe that the projector you purchased is actually the Ultra Projector which is sold here. Our only problem is where to fit it in.

The mylar paper is the right size to look like a normal size person. That looks great, Ive had mine going one or two times.

Not only did he send the download link within minutes, he also sent me a download link for virtual Santa for free not knowing I already had it. The videos will automatically loop and play in the order that they were placed. This is my first year with Virtual Santa and I'd like to be able to control when it is on and off. Paste as plain text instead. Its nice because it gives me complete control over the show and lets me incorporate a video in the Show editor wherever I want.

Virtual Santa from Christmas Light Show

Virtual Santa in the Window Christmas light showAusChristmasLighting

Any fabric shop should have stretch lycra, e. Someone here bought one of the projectors Aldi had on sale a few months ago. Mine is a single mylar sheet from Christmaslightshow.

Still can see out the window during the day. We built a pvc frame to fit the inside of the window, and stretched the shower curtain tightly with bungee cords in all directions, clamped the pvc frame into the window so it doesn't move. It relies on the image taking up the entire window. We've watched the whole thing and there is no text, so it shouldn't make any difference.


Can anyone here help me with this? Your display looked amazing and I love the video you put together. Try places like Officeworks or local computer shops. Hard to believe its almost time to do it all again isn't it? From the video I watched on utube I wouldn't be afraid to try it though if the price was right.

Just need to figure out whats best material to project upon as well as get a projector. Both are short but it's just to get a taste.

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Can only help with one part of your questiion s. Happy to help you out if you decide to do the same.

So getting ready to make our big purchase for our display this year and have some questions for those people that have already been using the Virtual Santa in their displays in previous years. Ok now that I have received my Virtual Santa projector the more expensive one I need some help for those of you that already have the Virtual Santa. While talking about how successful virtual Santa had been in our display, pay stubs I went back to the site last night and found a new version with Mrs.

We set the projector up on a small table at the end of the bed. Do you already have an account? New to Christmas lighting? We figure it might mix things up a bit and confuse some of our regulars. One is up close to the house where we have the Lightening storm for Halloween, the other is in a large flower pot in the middle of the yard.

Perhaps even eBay for a second hand one. If anyone says anything, I'll just say that Santa has Parkinson's disease.

Haven't worked out how to project him, but we'll try some of the suggestions posted. Thank you that also sounds like a great idea!

Instead, we'll just play it as front projection. They are omnidirectional and seem to work fine. Jas, I used a shower curtain. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Staple on some Velcro squares at each corner and place the sticky kind of Velcro tabs to the window frame.

One more question, I have heard people say they just used a white shower curtain instead of the Mylar Paper, is this attached tightly to the window or hung loosely just somewhere in front of it? Display as a link instead. You will not find a bigger sheet. From the street, you could easily see the movie. Not as effective as on a projector, but a neat effect all the same.

Our front bedroom window has double blinds. Not really that keen on the Mrs Clause one. You blackout or cover the other areas using your curtain, Etc. Are you using a white shower curtain and do you see any glare using the shower curtain?