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Kupferberg's raving lunacy serves as counterpoint to nothing. Since Reich is no longer alive to defend his work, that burden falls upon those professionals and others who know the facts, to speak out in his defense.

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Blackledge quotes from Makavejev's film narration as if this were Reich speaking, thereby adding a new and ugly twist to what already was a hiddeous distortion of Reich's work. And so when this film was shown at my university years ago, the theatre was flooded with all the frustrated fraternity boys, come to hoot and ogle at the images of naked people. Only a few of Reich's genuine friends had the forethought to grant permissions based upon their approval of the final film - and they promptly refused such permission. This segment illustrates a more free attitude toward sexuality.

Neither will anyone viewing this film, except perhaps how deceptive some Hollywood-types can be, even if they come from Yugoslavia. The situation is worsened, as I will show below, in that Reich's name is also being publicly associated with the second and more offensive Sweet Movie. This was done at a time, in the late s and early s, when Yugoslavia was under tight controls of the Yugoslavian communist state. Screw Screw was an underground magazine that pioneered in bringing hardcore pornography into the American mainstream during the late s and early s.

He presented himself as a Yugoslav democrat who had a deep interest in Reich's work and wanted to make a film that would set forth Reich's career and discoveries accurately. This segment highlights Reich's ideas that sexual frustration and violence are connected. After that, Makavejev's slip-slide into madness becomes ever more obvious. For example, Makavejev's film credits include what appear to be several Communist Party documentaries, such as the work Sto je radnicki savjet?

Reich would puke forever if he saw how his life's work was so badly twisted. Or in this case, into the mix-master.

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Sweet Movie interweaves two narratives. Such are the kinds of people Makavejev willfully decided to include in his films. Postscript November New information has come to my attention, indicating how the poison from Makavejev's films continues to spread and damage Wilhelm Reich's name and work.

If so, was there a deliberated conspiracy to do harm to Reich's research legacy, given Reich's strong anti-communism? For example, see here, and the other weblinks below. In his appeals to the American orgonomists, to help make the film, Majavejev told one lie after another about what the film would be like, and about his own interests in Reich. Makavejev hasn't arrived there yet, not by a long shot, and probably never will. They were upset because their Communism was also ridiculed, and mixed up with pornography.

By this method, the name and work of Wilhelm Reich has been associated with sleazy pornography. Subjection to social disciplines may cause gastric ulcers, respiratory, coronary and vascular diseases.

Mysteries of the Organism, Dusan Makavejev's controversial feature Sweet Movie is firmly rooted in the principles of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. She succeeds, with difficulty, in sexual consummation, kari ann peniche dating but V.

He gained his brief notoriety only by inclusion of such towering figures as Wilhelm Reich into the mix. Despite different settings, characters and time periods, the different elements produce a single story of human sexuality and revolution through a montage effect.

Reich would be turning in his grave over this situation. That alone might speak favorably on Makavejev's behalf, but the Yugoslavian Communist Party bosses did not eject Makavejev because he had denigrated Wilhelm Reich. It caused an uproar among those who knew and understood Reich, but Makavejev got his footage and danced away a laughing man. Reich's work informs us, that the pornographic character is a sexually-frustrated character, no less than the sex-negative moralist of the organized church or mosque, temple, etc. The disembodied head then speaks from a table-top.

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The film shows a behind-the-scenes look at the publication, in which editor Jim Buckley casually consorts with his nude models. After getting out of prison, he set up a new commune in Portugal.

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Philip Bennett also recently wrote a letter to the author Blackledge, with a copy to the publisher, pointing out all of this, and asking for a correction. Surely, he must have felt and observed the powerful clash between the rigid communist system and people's authentic aspirations for freedom and sexual happiness. Given the hostility towards Reich's discoveries within mass-media circles, we can expect a continuance of this disinformation for some decades to come.

Too bad that none of the supporting footage nor the fictional tale match the sheer curiousness of Reich's story. Curtis's whining about sex comes across as, well, whining about sex.

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It is a self-defeating posture one often sees among artists who deliberately waste their talent. Any minor film talent who can hold a camera straight is able to shock an audience with provocative scenes of nudity mixed with filth, to shove a camera lens into a dinner plate of merde. Without those sequences, his film would merley have been just another pornographic movie, mixed up with Marxist rantings. Shots of the incinerator in which Reich's books were burned in New York City are included.

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