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Elcia also has such a good chemistry with the majority of her persuadable love interests that I found myself wishing there was a harem ending by the end of the game. However, Essi is hardly normal, for she possesses power beyond normal human.

This game script is twice longer than X-note, if you are curious about the length. And also, X-note was a bit on the minimalist side, meaning it only features the important characters, arya audio songs making the world a bit empty.

As the protagonist, Elcia is pretty unique. Anyone have a hint for me? As I said before I've played through the paths many times but can't seem to get this one. His existence was well-incorporated into plot. Since Lupin and Victor are already residing in the city, they decided to might as well invite Cardia and Finis in order for the gang to reunite once more this Yuletide season.

Next few days, he takes Cardia to his birth city, Paris. Some were good, while others were meh. However, I was able to chug it all up because the story was so cute. The game goes through a good range of emotions from humor to suspense and tragedy, however, unlike what the summary of the game might imply, the game isn't entirely about time traveling.

It will, however, change a few scenes and dialogues in the game depending on the guy main characters your choices are inclined to. This game is kind of like that.

But with optimism as their friend, Van and Delly decided to wait. That said, this game is not for everyone. Victor ended up opening a clinic located in the downtown part of London in order to help as many people as possible at a cheaper cost. However, Essi is hardly normal, for she possesses power beyond normal humans. Any help with this would be much appreciated!

However, when we're talking about the supporting cast as a whole. Its unconventional mechanism of moving sections of texts from one story to another was quite engaging that it gets you hooked. Wintertide Miracles is definitely worth the purchase. It is a bit expensive though for a non voiced tittle.

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Some characters felt more fleshed out than others, while some felt pretty one note and appears as if they were just there to drive what ever character arc they were involved in to move forward. So where does that leave us otome fans? Speaking of ports, Otome companies in Japan has been constantly on the move of porting their older games to the Switch console recently. For more otome games available in the Nintendo Switch, click this link.

Not giving it five stars, since it's only a demo. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. That doesn't include the puzzles and exploration and hidden stuff. If my section for her above isn't already an obvious indication, I really really like Elcia. An old fogey who is both Do-S and Do-M.

X-note by zeiva

Get it, and it can be read when you go to Rexus bad ending. It might be short and not seem much but it mattered that they had a background and motive to them. So Victor asks Cardia if she wants to have a proper wedding and she says yes. After all, that's the reason why Livan did what he did. Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks!

You can find my review for this game here. Saint Germain waits with hopeful eyes to see the faces of his precious friends again. He scares me when it happens.

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Though they call themselves husband and wife, they realize that they never really had an actual wedding ceremony. There were also new sprites available for all the main and side characters, wearing their cozy winter outfits. Though try as they might, Lupin, as cunning as he is, still gets the upper hand and was able to escape with ease together with his genius engineer assistant, Impey. First of, I always get excited when I receive emails from you all and even go all out on my replies.

The old lady gives them her blessing, saying they will no longer be in the watchful eye of Idea and Saint Germain is now finally, freeee! When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. From all three paths, the full story can be fully understood from three different perspectives. This was adorably hilarious! This game had great voice acting.

Some entries come with illustrations, such as the example above. If you're looking for a magical sweet dating time and whirlwind romances, this is not the game for you. Another plus point was that we get to see Nemo give love advises to yo boi and that, to me was the icing on the cake in this story! Please click the image below to enter!

Anyway, in regards of Yuras and his lack of relevance to overall plot is actually the same with Belph, because Land Path is an exploration of the game setting rather than the characters. Some people might find this tedious or frustrating, but I actually believe this is a good call on the writer's part. Here's a nice example of Elcia being a wonderful friend.

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He then concedes with his true feelings and finally admits he misses her badly and the only way to cure this yearning is to see her face to face. However, I've only been able to go to the cemetery and fountain. Excuse me, I'm getting into animation, and I was just wondering, how and what program was this made with? Brash is admittedly the one I developed least compared to the rest of the casts. Elcia is the heroine of the game.

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