Yamaha Yzf R125 Service Manual

Measure the throttle position sensor input Pocket tester voltage. Yamaha Xtz Tenere Download. This information will be needed when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. If the engine oil is below the mini- mum level mark, add sufficient oil The engine oil should be between the of the recommended type to raise minimum and maximum level marks.

Check the engine stop switch. Be a Responsible Owner is in safe operating condition. After replacing the cylinder head or replacing the valve and valve guide, the valve seat and valve face should be lapped. Yamaha Brf Bravo Download.

This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. Tightening torque specifications for special com- ponents or assemblies are provided for each chapter of this manual. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Repeat steps c through e several times until all the marks come to rest at the same spot.

Before checking the engine oil level, wait a few minutes until the oil has settled. Special tools, part numbers or both may differ depending on the country. Yamaha dealer check or replace it.


When there is negative pressure at the exhaust port, the reed valve opens, allow- ing secondary air to flow into the exhaust port. Check the operation of the following sensors engine trouble warning light comes on. If the motorcycle will not be used The electrolyte should be between the sparks, flames, cigarettes, etc. Before removing the internal parts of the cylinder head e.

Keep all parts away from any source of fire. However, if dis- tilled water is not available, soft water may be used. Before measuring the front brake disc deflec- Disc brake components rarely require disas- tion, turn the handlebar to the left or right to sembly. This information will be needed to order spare parts.

Yamaha yzf r125 service manualYamaha yzf r125 service manual

Raise the vehicle upright. The use converters in the exhaust system.

Do not attempt to diagnose such problems yourself. Also, be sure not to twist the front brake light switch lead when screwing in the switch. Tighten the wheel axle nut to specification.

Record the information on this label in the space provided. Checking The Steering If any free working near batteries. Extract the fuel in the fuel tank through the When installing the fuel hose, make sure that fuel tank filler hole with a pump. Tighten the clutch spring bolts in stages and in a crisscross pattern. Yamaha Xt Xtz Tenere Download.

Otherwise, the sidestand could contact the ground and distract the operator, re- The operation of the brake and clutch sulting in a possible loss of control. Starter motor Starter motor lead Disconnect. Otherwise the electrical systems will be switched off, which may result in loss of control or an accident. Check the steering head for looseness or binding by turning the front fork all the way in both directions. If charging has to be done with the battery mounted on the vehi- cle, disconnect the negative lead from the battery terminal.

YAMAHA YZF-R125 Owner s Manual

Yamaha yzf r125 service manual


Yamaha yzf r125 service manualYamaha yzf r125 service manual

Yamaha Exciter ll Download. Yamaha Vxsxa Mma Snowmobile Download. To avoid injury, heaven is for real by todd burpo ebook have a Yamaha dealer check or re- securely support the vehicle so pair it.

Turn the rear wheel several times and find the the brake pedal and hold it in position. Spark plug cap stead, have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle.

Do not apply the brake Rear wheel the swingarm. Ignition coil second intervals.

Fasten the battery breather hose with the holder. Straighten any flattened fins with a thin, flat-head screwdriver.