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Each of these scenarios demand a different skill set from the angler. The gear you would use for yo-yo jigging works for wahoo. Always keep your eyes on your jig through the entire cast. Marking your braided line with a sharpie, rubber band or piece of tape at and feet is a good idea.

Give your jig a long cast, begin with a medium pace retrieve and keep a laser focus on the jig as soon as you can get a visual. Notice we have discussed the skill in identifying good jigs at the tackle shop, the critical importance of the gear and technique for long distance casting and we have not yet wet the jig. Either way, put your reel in gear, point your rod down towards the fish and wind as fast as you can.

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Assisting him is Intrepid captain Kevin Osborne. Some seem to work better sometimes so you will see jig anglers toting a very large variety of jigs. They are just a small, weighted object with a bunch of colorful or shiny mylar on a wire leader and a sharp hook. Ask them to point out the way their jigs swims that makes it so lethal.

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Skills that will consistently put fish on the deck of a sportfisher. Accuracy puts the jig in the water right below the picking tern birds.

Ask a pro or crew member to demo the proper technique of loading up the rod and getting maximum power and jig speed at the point of launching your jig. The yo- yo is also deadly when fished on anchor over deep structure. Do not set the hook, just wind, wind, wind. By being proficient at several different techniques you will immediately see results in the bag.

Safety Casting accidents are ugly. Continue joining yo-yo's until you have the width desired. To be a consistently successful angler you must possess a broad set of angling skills and the knowledge of when and how to use them to your best advantage.

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When secured to the guides, they can catch an angler or crew member passing by, and this is just not done by any respectful and knowledgeable angler. This article is aimed at anglers who may want to make the transition to more jig fishing. The visual is one of the most exciting experiences in fishing and I guaranty you will become addicted to fishing surface iron. They are very cool but not absolutely necessary.

Five minutes later, a twenty-seven pound jackpot yellow was flopping on the deck. We are due a good yellowtail season and it just seems the waters are ripe for a strong show on these beloved forked-tailed foes. Skipping a surface iron or popper across the top of the water and seeing the ferocious explosion of a big tuna nailing it is also cool. Make no mistake, more fish are caught on bait than caught on iron.

Poppers are great fun but can wear you out. This is not finesse fishing.

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An excellent free spool reel is critical. There can be subtle nuances that make the difference in a bite. If you are not well practiced and not proficient at jig casting, stay with your strengths fishing yo-yo or soaking bait.

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You may fight it all the way to the boat and see him finally just open his mouth and swim away, because he was never even hooked. Hooks and eye balls, ears, neck flesh and even arms are not meant to meet. Once on a bite then it is observing what line class, hook sizes or what presentation is working best, what baits are getting bit or what jigs are working. Regardless, of getting bit on the fast retrieve or free fall, keep winding through the strike, and never, never set the hook. Once again, dating site murderer good intentions keep your hooks super sharp and wind through the strike.

Here are some skill sets that will make you a better partyboat yellowtail angler. You can do these instructions for but in the colors and arrangements as in the tree afghan. With these jigs it is much more common the yellowtail or tuna will strike at it on the way down.

Vary your retrieve to figure out the optimum speed to maximize your strikes. Drop the jig and let it descend or fall freely. The line jumped, the spool speed doubled and I set the hook.

There are so many scenarios where a Southern California sportboat will encounter yellowtail. Now may be a good time to dust off that bigger gear, and consider ways to sharpen your partyboat yellowtail skills. Having a perfectly balanced and tuned rod and reel with perfect free spool and perfectly compacted line is also critical. Any of these mistakes will cost you a wahoo. You lose way more than you win, which I guess is part of the sadistic fun of wahoo fishing with jigs and bombs.

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The top surface anglers throw it away or mark it so they may be able to tweak it with a lathe before their next trip. The combination of power, speed, radius of arc and launch point are all critical and nearly effortless. Continue in this pattern until the afghan is the desired length. Distance allows you to reach fish leery of the boat and it also allows you to cover lots of water around the boat.

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Much like golf, the surface iron is about distance and accuracy. Bringing the jig all the way to the surface is a waste of time and energy. There are times when yellowtail are the primary quarry and all efforts are to catch this species.

Only when the fish starts peeling out line under heavy drag, can you even think about lifting and putting a bend in your rod. Greg Sills has been the supervising producer and Paul Flattery has been the producer every year since its inception in. Baits look, smell, behave and taste more like bait than any jig or lure ever will. Jigging can be addictive Fishing is addictive, period.

Yo-yo's - The Hook Surf Report and Forecast

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